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Dr. E. Haasdijk (Evert)


Currently, I'm assistant professor (universitair docent at the computational intelligence group at the VU.

After my Master's in Artificial Intelligence at the University of Amsterdam in 1992 (or was it ’93? I forget), I became researcher (i.e., I developed cool software) and later research consultant (I tried to convince other people to use my cool software) and development co-ordinator (I tried to convince others to write cool software for which I could take credit) at Cap Gemini Innovation (which was renamed every other year, when I left, it was called Cap Gemini Institute). My main area of interest was data mining based on evolutionary algorithms.

In 2000, I became partner and director of software development at KiQ Ltd (later taken over by Chordiant, which has meanwhile been bought by Pega Systems), where I was responsible for the technical development of our Intelligent CRM suite of applications.

After a brief intermezzo as a free-lance programmer (pays well, but lacks challenge), I joined Tilburg University as research assistant on the NEW TIES project in 2006, where I investigated social learning adaptation mechanisms in artificial agents.

Since March 2008, I've been employed as researcher at Gusz Eiben's computational intelligence group at the Amsterdam Free University, particularly with the Symbrion project, where our group is responsible for the development of a framework for on- as well as off-line evolutionary algorithms for development and adaptation of robot controllers.

I dabble in photography, but I guess that’s only interesting if you’re me.


Within the field of evolutionary algorithms, my interests are eclectic, but I currently focus on on-line, on-board evolution for robot control, indirect encodings and phenotpyic diversity.


Since the 2008 - 2009 curriculum, I teach the Machine Learning class for FEW AI. You'll find the details in blackboard.

Other than that, if you’re interested in a Master’s project, a mini master or something similar on the cusp of evolutionary algorithms and robotics, feel free to contact me. I'm always interested.

Here's list of past, running and suggested future master projects

e-mail ln.uv@kjidsaah.e
telephone +31-20-59 87668
room T3.41