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L.F. Simões, M.Sc. (Luís)


I have worked in the past at the European Space Agency's Advanced Concepts Team (Noordwijk, The Netherlands), at the UNINOVA-CA3 Computational Intelligence Research Group (Caparica, Portugal), and at Almende B.V. (Rotterdam, The Netherlands). At these places I participated in projects where I worked on:
  • interplanetary trajectory optimization;
  • autonomous planetary landing with hazard detection and avoidance;
  • automated design of decentralized controllers for satellite swarm formation acquisition;
  • path planning for robot swarm deployment;
  • foraging behaviours for UAV swarms.


My research Interests include:
  • Evolutionary Computation: representations,
    [self-]adaptation / parameter control, landscape analysis, generative and developmental systems,
    co-evolution / meta-evolution;
  • Swarm Intelligence: Particle Swarm Optimization;
  • Neural Networks, Learning Classifier Systems, Reinforcement Learning;
  • Cellular Automata, Complex Networks, Complex Adaptive Systems, Bio-inspired computing, Artificial Life.


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