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Honorary Doctorate Sir Berners-Lee

The VU University has granted an honorary doctorate to Sir Timothy Berners-Lee. This doctorate was awarded to him on the 20th of October 2009, during the 129th Dies Natalis at the VU.

The honorary doctorate has been given to him for his essential contributions to the development, introduction and growth of the World Wide Web, which has a huge impact on the social, economical, cultural and public life.

He had the vision of an worldwide mesh of interconnected information, and designed the foundations of the world-wide web as we know it today. He was the first person to take the hypertext idea and connect in to the TCP protocol. Combined with a DNS service this resulted in the first instance of the World Wide Web.


With this doctorate, the VU recognizes the personal commitment of Berners-Lee for the universal accessibility for everyone to this worldwide information network.

Sir Berners-Lee was nominated by the Faculty of Exact Science to receive this doctorate. The faculty has a leading role in research about the web and is working often with Sir Berners-Lee on topics like the semantic web.


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