Software and supplementary material for Andrew S. Tanenbaum's Books

Notes: The figures of some of the books are available online. For some books, up to four zip files are available containing the figures in PostScript, PDF, .eps, and .jpg, respectively, as described below.

The PostScript and PDF zip files each contain one file per chapter. Each of these files contains all the figures in that chapter, with captions, in a format suitable for printing.

The .eps and .jpg zip files contain each figure as a separate file. The files can be included in overhead sheets. They do not contain the captions.

Four formats are available:
# Format Description
1 PostScript One file per chapter in Adobe PostScript format. If you have a PostScript printer, just send the file to the printer and all the figures will be printed. If you do not have a PostScript printer, you can get Ghostscript for free, which will allow you to print PostScript files on a nonPostScript printer.
2 PDF One file per chapter in Adobe's PDF (Portable Document Format). To print PDF files, you need the free Acrobat reader program.
3 .eps One file per figure in .eps (Encapsulated PostScript) format, which is vector art. This format is best suited for instructors who wish to make overhead sheets and need to edit the figures.
4 .jpg One file per figure in .jpg (JPEG) format. These figures can be incorporated in PowerPoint or other overhead sheets. JPEG files are raster art and cannot be edited.

Structured Computer Organization, 4th ed.

Computer Networks, 4th ed.

Operating Systems: Design and Implementation, 2nd ed.

Modern Operating Systems, 2nd ed.

Distributed Systems: Principles and Paradigms, 1st ed.