30 Years of Informatica at the VU

Here are the "Proceedings of the 30th birthday of Informatica, done jointly with the UvA." Use a large browser window (at least 1024 x 768). To navigate, use the gray arrows above the pictures or click on a thumbnail.

Here is a zip file containing all the pictures at high resolution for printing.

I don't care about ISO speeds. Show me the pictures right now.

Tech data

All the photos were taken with a Nikon D300 equipped with a Nikon 28-300 mm VR lens. Due to the 16 x 24 mm sensor on the D300, the effective focal length of the lens was 42-450 mm. The camera's ISO speed was set to 400. The photos were transferred digitally to a PC and postprocessed with Photoshop CS 5.

Hope you enjoy the pictures.

If you are bored and have nothing better to do, click for more AST photos.

Andy Tanenbaum