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Contact information

Ceriel J.H. Jacobs
Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam
Department of Computer Science
De Boelelaan 1081a
1081 HV Amsterdam
The Netherlands

phone: +31 (0)20 598 7759
fax: +31 (0)20 598 7653
office: S-406

Research interests

I am a programmer in the Computer Systems group at the VU University Amsterdam. I am currently working on Ibis, a flexible, Java-based programming environment for Grid computing. I also maintain JavaGAT, which offers a set of coordinated, generic, and flexible APIs for accessing grid services, portals, files, etc. I also wrote and maintain JavaSAGA, a Java implementation of the SAGA API, which can be considered a successor of the GAT.

Earlier projects that I have worked on are:

Amsterdam Compiler Kit
LLgen, a parser generator
Yap, yet another pager

Books I have co-written:

* Parsing Techniques - A Practical Guide

* Modern Compiler Design

* Parsing Techniques - Second Edition

* Modern Compiler Design. 2nd Edition


For a list of my publications, please see publications.

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