Prof.Dr. A.E. (Gusz) Eiben

Head of the Computational Intelligence Group
Department of Computer Science
Faculty of Sciences
Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam
A: Room T3.16, de Boelelaan 1081a, 1081HV Amsterdam, NL
T: +31-20-5987758
F: +31-20-5987653
E: a.e.eiben at


I am professor of Computational Intelligence on the VU University Amsterdam and Visiting Professor on the University of York, UK. For the research vision of the Computational Intelligence Group, please click here. My main area of expertise is Evolutionary Computing. I am one of the early birds in Europe; my first Evolutionary Computing paper dates back to 1989 and I co-authored the first comprehensive book on the subject. I have been organizing committee member of practically all major international evolutionary computing conferences, editorial board member of related international journals, and coordinator/participant in several EU research projects.

My research lies in the field of: Artificial Intelligence, Computational Intelligence, Swarm Intelligence, Evolutionary Computing, Evolutionary Robotics, Artificial Life, Adaptive Collective Systems.

More specific research themes: multi-parent reproduction methods, evolutionary art, steering evolutionary systems through their parameters, methodological issues, evolution in robot populations, embodied evolution.

My recent interest is physically embodied artificial evolution in real time and real space. This goes beyond evolutionary computing in digital spaces - the long term goal envisions robotic systems that can self-reproduce. See my TEDx talk and a two-page paper on the vision, and the The Triangle of Life framework for a possible implementation. Such systems can change the way we engineer robots and also serve as an apparatus to investigate scientific questions about evolution in a new substrate, different from carbon-based life as we know it.


Some of my work has been covered by popular media in various countries including Belgium, Danmark, Germany, Hungary, The Netherlands, Russia, United Kingdom, United States. Corresponding weblinks, audio, video, and pdf files are here. More about me (professionally and privately) in a journalistic style can be found in the article of the INTERMEDIAIR. (in Dutch)


My TED talk "Tech Kangaroos: Evolution at Work"
TEDx Danubia 2011, watch it here

The first comprehensive text book on evolutionary computing:
A.E. Eiben and J.E. Smith, Introduction to Evolutionary Computing, Springer,
First edition, 2003, ISBN 3-540-40184-9, Corrected 2nd printing, 2007, ISBN: 978-3-540-40184-1

Pop-science book for the general public (free pdf or epub)
Adaptive Collective Systems - Herding Black Sheep
EU project on the Fundamentals of Collective Adaptive Systems (FoCAS)

Two papers on evolving robots: Two papers on calibrating evolutionary processes:


My academic research lies within computational intelligence or natural computing with evolutionary computing as the binding factor. I was/am involved in various European research projects: EvoNet I (Esprit 20996), EvoNet II (FP5, IST-1999-14087), DREAM (FP5, IST-1999-12679), NEW TIES (FP6-502386), SYMBRION (FP7-ICT-2007.8.2), EVOBODY (FP7-258334), OPTI-FOX(FP7-123456), AWARE (FP7-123456), FOCAS (FP7-123456).

Further to academic research,  I have worked in business intelligence R&D projects, including data warehousing and data mining for feature selection, creditibility assessment, direct marketing, customer retention analysis, sensory data analysis, e-business, etc. Much of this work is unpublished.


Presently I teach the course Evolutionary Computing and Heuristics on the VU Amsterdam. I am also supervising Bachelor projects, Master Thesis projects and PhD students.

Previously, I have been teaching university courses on formal logic, search techniques, evolutionary computing, artificial life, evolutionary economy, and business intelligence on the Eindhoven University of Technology, the Utrecht University, Leiden University, and the VU Amsterdam. I was also lecturer of a business intelligence course for the e-Commerce Masters programme of the EUR, Rotterdam and for different business classes on the Universiteit Nyenrode, The Netherlands Business School.