About me

I'm a professor at the Web & Media group of the Department of Computer Science, VU University Amsterdam, and part of the Network Institute. My interests lie in knowledge engineering, web science, and e-humanities. I like to do interdisciplinary projects. Since 2002 I've spent a considerable amount of my time chairing W3C groups in the Data area.


June 2011: (in Dutch) Interview in //Collectie (magazine for libraries)

Artikel: Het nieuwe zoeken; het nieuwe vinden

4 December 2010: (in Dutch) Interview in De Volkskrant (national newspaper)

Artikel: Web 3.0 - meer vinden dan je vraagt

23 February 2010: (in Dutch) BNR News Radio, program Denktank (Think Tank)

December 2007: (in Dutch) Article in "Gewoon Bijzonder" (VY alumni magazine)

Artikel: Het slimme broertje van Google

10 February 2007: (in Dutch) Article in Vrij Nederland (national periodical)



room T-414
De Boelelaan 1081
1081 HV Amsterdam
appointments: Caroline Waij, tel: +31 20 598 3563

Directions. The VU campus is 800m south-west of Amsterdam Zuid station. Computer Science is in the Sciences building, behind the main VU building. Take entrance 1081 (first entrance on the left when entering the campus from the tram 5/51 stop, passing under the grey building). Take the elevator to the 4th floor and go to the T wing on your right.