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Teaching material

The following material for instructors and students is available:
  • Set of powerpoint slides, mainly prepared by the publisher.
  • Alternative set of slides prepared from Latex sources and maintained by myself.
    • Up-to-date PDF versions can always be found here.
    • The Latex sources are regularly put into an updated compressed archive.
  • All figures (in EPS).
  • A collection of exams (with answers to questions).
Note: There is also a solutions manual, but this is available only to instructors through the publisher's Web site.

Translations: So far, the second edition has been translated into Chinese, Japanese, Portugese, Spanish, Italian, and German. There may be others floating around.


Unfortunately, when writing books we make mistakes. So far, the mistakes we have discovered are mainly typo's or often obvious from the text. However, a few should be mentioned explicitly:

Page Description
332 Condition 3 forgets to mention ordering wrt real (global) time
333 Figure 8-4 has most marked entries wrong

We have made corrections available for each page as 1-page PDF files. The PDF versions are also bundled into a single archive file.

If you spot a mistake, please e-mail the maintainer of this page.
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