Areas of Interest

Areas of interest include, but are not limited to:

Simulation Methodologies

  • Standards for MABS
  • Methodologies and simulation languages for MABS
  • Simulation platforms and tools for MABS
  • Visualization and analytic tools
  • Approaches for large-scale simulations
  • Scalability and robustness in MABS
  • Future challenges in MABS

Simulation of social and economic behavior
  • Formal and agent models of social behavior
  • Cognitive modeling and social simulation
  • Game theory and simulation
  • Social structure: Social networks and simulating organizations
  • Simulating social complexity (e.g. structures and norms, social order, emergence of cooperation and coordinated action, self-organization, the micro-macro link)

Applications / Empirical Work
  • MABS in environmental modeling
  • Agent-based experimental economics
  • Participative-based simulation
  • MABS and games