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We are looking for an Assistant Professors!

The University
Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam (VU) is a leading, innovative and growing university that is at the heart of society and actively contributes to new developments in teaching and research. Our university has ten faculties and provides work for over 4,500 staff and scientific education for more than 23,000 students.
Research at the Faculty of Sciences focuses on the areas of Life & Health, Networked World, Fundamentals of Science, and Energy & Sustainability. The faculty’s teaching activities are directly linked to this excellent research. Cooperation with other faculties on the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam campus generates attractive, high-quality Bachelor’s and Master’s programmes. At the international level, the faculty cooperates closely with leading scientific institutes and other partners.

The VUA Department of Computer Science has approximately 170 members, including 35 tenured staff members and 40-50 PhD students. The tenured staff members form the essential basis for the functioning of the department.
A tenured staff member is required to make significant contributions to the research and education programmes and to spend effort on specific tasks at the department level.

The Group
The position is within the Computational Intelligence research program headed by Prof.Dr. A.E. Eiben. CI research is embedded within the main research of the Department with a special focus on evolving and learning machines. We are concerned with adaptation on individual and population level in heterogeneous groups of connected units. Embodiment and sensory information are essential features in the systems of interest that include groups of various smart devices for e-health, self-organizing robot swarms, and robots with evolvable brains and bodies. We focus on algorithmic aspects of machine-machine and man-machine collectives and investigate emerging behaviours. A practical example is the application of smartphones and watches to adaptively model and advise users towards a healthier life style. On the fundamental side, we investigate embodied AI, in particular, the co-evolution of mind and body in an EvoSphere ( The CI Group naturally relates with the priority areas of the Department, Socio-technical Systems and Data Science, where the problem of “emergence engineering” is salient. Furthermore, CI research is embedded in the VU Network Institute fostering collaboration with social sciences and humanities.

The cluster of courses taught by the CI staff consists of Collective Intelligence, Data Mining, Evolutionary Computing, Heuristics, Machine Learning, Machine Learning for the Quantified Self, and Computational Intelligence.
CI group members have a special link with the Business Analytics programme (formerly: Business Mathematics and Informatics) and supervise B.A. student projects carried out at external companies.

The candidate is expected to develop a strong research program in line with the strategic vision in collaboration with the group leader, CI staff, and the other groups of the Department. Special emphasis is laid on the focus areas;
•Learning algorithms for (groups of) machines, e.g., smart devices, robots, Artificial Life entities;
•Evolutionary and swarm systems.

We expect that the candidate is an expert in one of the above areas and (a) maintains a stream of high-quality publications, (b) acquires external research grants and supervises project staff, (c) conducts excellent teaching and (d) shows Departmental citizenship. The candidate will also help supervise PhD students of the CI group and contribute to our running research projects. At this moment these include applied research on population health with Philips as well as more fundamental EU projects, for example, DREAM ( and Phoenix ( Furthermore, (s)he is expected to be/come well embedded in the forefront of European research initiatives, e.g. the Horizon 2020 ICT programme, Future Emergent Technologies, etc.

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