Graduation projects

We offer a variety of graduation projects and of course, we also welcome refreshing new ideas from the students. We maintain a high level of ambition for students who work on a CI related Master project. We strive for an outcome that is of significant scientific value, and therefore the Master project frequently leads to a publication of the work in the proceedings of a well-established international conference. Below you can find an overview of current graduation projects within our group, followed by a list of possible graduation projects. Feel free to contact any of the staff members in case you have questions, or are interested in a graduation project within our group.

Ideas for students projects

MSc thesis – Evolution and learning in robot populations (See A.E. Eiben for more info)

MSc thesis internship – Anomaly Detection on Transaction Volumes

MSc thesis internship – Machine Learning for Data Privacy

MSc thesis internship – Resource Usage Computing Platform

Current Master Projects

Jorik Spijkerman, Classification and biomarker selection of donor gut microbiome transplants using mRNA expressions, AMC ( Supervisor: Mark Hoogendoorn )

Maarten Ottenhof, Playing a rhythm game using an online movement-based brain-computer interface, Radboud University Nijmegen ( Supervisor: Mark Hoogendoorn )

Panagiotis Efstratiadis, Predictive modeling at VUmc ICU, VUmc ICU ( Supervisor: Mark Hoogendoorn )

Dave Ebbelaar, Data science techniques for marketing campaigns, Ahold Delhaize ( Supervisor: Mark Hoogendoorn )

Sijmen van der Willik, Using measures as a form of crossover in evolutionary robotics (Supervisors: A.E. Eiben, J. Auerbach [Burlington, US])

Tommie Kerstens, Neuro-evolution of Behavioural Trees in Predator-Prey Scenarios (Supervisor: A.E. Eiben)

Panagiotis Efstratiadis, Distributed Computer Architectures for Speeding up Evolutionary Robotics Simulations ( Supervisor: A.E. Eiben)

Timon ‎van de Velde, Evolution of Symmetry in Modular Robots ( Supervisors: A.E. Eiben, C. Rossi [Madrid, Spain])

JiunHan Chen (UvA), Evolution of Predator-Prey Strategies in Groups of Thymio Robots ( Supervisor: A.E. Eiben)

Steven Postmus (Master BA), Generative Adversarial Networks to Generate Realistic Mental Health Patient Data, Deloitte ( Supervisor: Mark Hoogendoorn )

Wouter den Duijn (Master BA), Predictive Incidental Maintenance time for KLM cityhopper, KLM( Supervisor: Mark Hoogendoorn )

Christine Vinck (Master BA), Prediction of required time for periodic maintenance checks, KLM ( Supervisor: Mark Hoogendoorn )

Ioannis Pantazis (Master Computational Science), Prediction of stroke using EMRs ( Supervisor: Mark Hoogendoorn, Supervisor at LUMC: Hine van Os)

Pablo Martínez-Almeida, Prediction of stroke ( Supervisor: Mark Hoogendoorn, Supervisor at VUmc: Robert de Jonge )

Aleide Hoeijmakers (Master AI), Prediction of Kidney failure, PacMed ( Supervisor: Mark Hoogendoorn)

Ioannis Pantazis (Master Computational Science), Prediction of stroke using EMRs ( Supervisor: Mark Hoogendoorn, Supervisor at LUMC: Hine van Os)

Aniketh Yadav, Application of deep learning to medical problems ( Supervisor: Mark Hoogendoorn )

Current Bachelor Projects

Christiaan Franssen, Prediction of mood ( Supervisor: Mark Hoogendoorn )

Liselore Borel Rinkes, Prediction of depression ( Supervisor: Mark Hoogendoorn )

Jan-Willem Feilzer

Literature Studies

Tommie Kerstens

Panagiotis Efstratiadis

Partial list of past graduation projects

Jeffrey de Deijn, Image recognition ( Supervisor: Mark Hoogendoorn )

Koen Schniftink, Recognizing hands in images ( Supervisor: Mark Hoogendoorn )

Daan Beverdam, Using EEG data for marketing purposes ( Supervisor: Mark Hoogendoorn )

Kylie v.d. Koogh, Recommender system for airlines ( Supervisor: Mark Hoogendoorn )

Tim Loyen, GP models for depression ( Supervisor: Mark Hoogendoorn )

Kasper Meijer, Hand Luggage Predictions – KLM ( Supervisor: Mark Hoogendoorn )

Olga Półchłopek, Prediction of depression ( Supervisor: Mark Hoogendoorn )

Dylan Wijman, Prediction of wound infection ( Supervisor: Mark Hoogendoorn )

Omesh Debipersad, Production process optimization ( Supervisor: Mark Hoogendoorn )

Desmond Cheung, Recognizing text in images ( Supervisor: Mark Hoogendoorn )

Chi Chun Wan, KPI forecasting ( Supervisor: Mark Hoogendoorn )

Francien Meijer, Pass success (soccer) ( Supervisor: Mark Hoogendoorn )

Mark Menagie, Outlier detection (Deloitte) ( Supervisor: Mark Hoogendoorn )

Sander Kerkdijk, Usage of text data within the MIMIC database (together with MIT/AMC) ( Supervisor: Mark Hoogendoorn )

Robin vd Markt, An Automated Approach for Detecting and Categorising Changes in Land Use ( Supervisor: Mark Hoogendoorn )

Alessandro Tezza, A decompositional approach for targeted locomotion: combining behavior trees and learning methods, PDF (Supervisor: A.E. Eiben)

Lennert Gijsen, Development of a Recommender System for an Online Supermarket, PDF (Supervisor: A.E. Eiben)

Elte Hupkes, Revolve: An Evolutionary Robotics Toolkit, PDF (Supervisor: A.E. Eiben)

Thomas Heeneman, Neuro-Evolution for image classification. To solve the complex design challenges of convolutional neural networks, PDF (Supervisor: A.E. Eiben)

Omer Ergul, Optimizing the parameters of a 3D-printer using a parameter tuning algorithm, PDF (Supervisor: A.E. Eiben)

Alberto Caroli,  Mapping drugs & medicine websites into VAD space, PDF (Supervisor: A.E. Eiben)

Mısra Turp,  A Comparative Study on Autonomous Gesture Selection in Humanoid Robots, PDF (Supervisors: A.E. Eiben, Supervisors at IBM: Zoltán Szlávik)

Martin Stolk, MOOD SUPPORT An Adaptive Social-Context Aware Mood Support System, PDF (Supervisors: A.E. EibenMark Hoogendoorn)

Dmitry Egorov, Locomotion learning for evolving modular robots of arbitrary shapes, PDF (Supervisor: A.E. Eiben)

Matteo De Carlo, Evolving SUPG-based closed loop controllers for modular robots of arbitrary shapes, PDF (Supervisor: A.E. Eiben)

Daan Bakker, Missing data analysis, PDF (Supervisor: Guszti Eiben)

Klaas Schuitemaker, Evolving microbial cooperation and specialization in the prisoner’s dilemma ( Supervisor: Evert Haasdijk)

Esther v.d. Giessen, Making Proficiency Estimates in an Online Learning Environment for Statistics ( Supervisors: Evert Haasdijk, Supervisors at I Hate Statistics: Pim Bellinga & Thijs Gillebaart)

Matteo Pullano, Neural Creative Process for Generating Images ( Supervisors: Eelco den Heijer, Evert Haasdijk)

Nicola Mularoni, Evolving robotic organisms in dynamic environments (supervisor: Guszti Eiben and Berend Weel)

David Los, Optimization of slab reheating (supervisor: Guszti Eiben)

Quintin Saijoen, Forming joint brains in robotic organisms by connecting echo state networks (supervisor: Guszti Eiben and Berend Weel)

Jan Bim, Fate-agent evolutionary algorithms in swarm robotics (supervisor: Guszti Eiben and Giorgios Karafotias)

Hassnae Belkasim, Data mining to improve forwarding of CRC patients from the GP (supervisor: Mark Hoogendoorn)

Marijn Lems, Analyzing Malicious Networks (supervisor: Evert Haasdijk)

Wessel Luijben,Forecasting future fitness – A smart restart strategy (supervisor: Zoltán Szlávik)

Danielle de Man, Evolving a Gene Regulatory Network (supervisor: Evert Haasdijk)

Diti Oudendag, Prediction of dairy farmer behaviour under abolishment of the milk quota system (supervisor: Mark Hoogendoorn)

Nicolaas Nobel, Analysis of hotel reviews (supervisor: Mark Hoogendoorn)

John Müller – Forensic data mining, 2012 (supervisor: Guszti Eiben)

Yoeri Staal – Highway Platooning Strategies, 2012 (supervisor: Willem van Willigen and Guszti Eiben)

Vincent Hoekstra – Predicting football results with an evolutionary ensemble classi er, 2012 (supervisor: Guszti Eiben)

Ruben Balk – A Semi-Distributed Evolutionary Algorithm With Fate Agents, 2012 (supervisor: Guszti Eiben and Selmar Smit)

Asparuh Hristov – Data mining to improve advertising revenue on the web, 2012 (supervisor: Mark Hoogendoorn)

Joost Huizinga, Evolving Robotic Organisms, 2012 (supervisor: Evert Haasdijk)

Covlescu Iulian Mihai, Investigating hotel bookings review score effects, 2012 (supervisor: Zoltán Szlávik)

Richard Koopmanschap – Learning expert knowledge in cognitive models, 2012 (supervisor: Mark Hoogendoorn)

Iuliana Manole, Try-on eyewear: serious gaming for opticians, 2012 (supervisor: Zoltán Szlávik)

Koen Pasman, Data Mining to detect Temporal Features in Video, 2012 (supervisor: Evert Haasdijk)

Astrid van der Poel, TV quality improvement in Telecommunications – Network Optimisation, Tele2, 2012 (supervisor: Zoltán Szlávik)


Rachid Siallioui, On-line evolution of robot controllers by an island evolution approach, 2012 (supervisor: Evert Haasdijk)

Niek Siekman, Real-time event recommendation using Twitter data, 2012 (supervisor: Zoltán Szlávik)

Leszek Ślażyński, Parallel Algorithms for Reservoir Computing with Diverse Spiking Neurons, 2012 (supervisor: Zoltán Szlávik)

Peter Tessel, Forecasting demand to improve the distribution of cars within Car2go, 2012 (supervisor: Zoltán Szlávik)

Armon Toubman – Adaptieve autonomy using trust models, 2012 (supervisor: Mark Hoogendoorn)

Matthijs Tolkamp, Neuro-Evolution of Robot Controllers with a Changing Robot Population on a Gathering and Collective Construction Task, Graduation year: 2012 (supervisor: Evert Haasdijk)

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