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ComplexHPC Spring School 2011

- - HPDC Middleware, Environments, and Tools - -

May 9-13, 2011, VU University, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Introduction and Scope

In recent years, the application of high-performance and distributed computing has become increasingly widespread. Among the most widely available platforms to end-users are clusters, grids, and cloud systems. Such infrastructures currently are undergoing revolutionary change due to the integration of multi- and many-core technologies (e.g. GPUs), providing orders-of-magnitude speed improvements for a wide variety of compute kernels. These revolutionary changes come at a price for end-users, however:
    As high-performance and distributed computing systems are rapidly becoming more heterogenous and hierarchical, programming and use of such systems is becoming vastly more complex than ever before.
The ComplexHPC Spring School 2011 covers many of the fundamental aspects underlying the 'easy' and 'efficient' programming, deployment, scheduling, mapping, and management of real-world applications on distributed, heterogeneous, and hierarchical systems. The Spring School program includes a number of keynote and theme presentations by internationally renowned leaders in the field, and a collection of tutorials covering state-of-the-art software systems and tools. Each tutorial is accompanied by a hands-on session, to obtain immediate practical experience using a real distributed, heterogeneous, and hierarchical hardware platform: DAS-4. Moreover, the companies responsible for installing the DAS-4 system, ClusterVision and Bright Computing, will present the capabilities of Bright Cluster Manager® in an industry showcase. For fun, relaxation, and to get to know each other better, we also organize a social event in Amsterdam.

Target Audience

The ComplexHPC Spring School 2011 specifically targets doctoral and post-doctoral students in the general field of high-performance and distributed computing. Registration is required, and available for: See also our formal call for participation.

Posters and Demos

All participants are invited - or: strongly encouraged - to bring a poster covering their current research efforts for presentation during an informal poster-&-demo-&-drinks session at the end of the first day of the Spring School. We specifically would like to urge participants to also consider giving a live demonstration of any working system in the general ComplexHPC domain, to highlight their own recent research results.

The First International ComplexHPC Challenge

Finally, as part of the Spring School we also organize the First International ComplexHPC Challenge - a 'competition' focussing on state-of-the-art solutions in the general domain of ComplexHPC. The Challenge winner will receive a special award + prize - and more importantly: visibility and recognition from your peers in the field.

We are looking forward to meeting you in Amsterdam during the ComplexHPC Spring School 2011!

The ComplexHPC Spring School 2011 organizers.

What's new?
May 2011: First Prize of the ComplexHPC Challenge awarded to Roberto Rey Expósito and Sabele Ramos Garea. Congratulations!
May 2011: Files for all tutorials now available on the website instead of the fileserver.
May 2011: Spring school has ended. A big thank you to everyone involved for a great week!
May 2011: Slides available for talks given
April 2011: ClusterVision and Bright Computing join the ComplexHPC Spring School in a special industry showcase.
Februari 2011: Pre-registration open! Deadline March 8!
December 2010: New Website