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Poster and Demo Session

Monday, May 9, 2011: 16:00 - 18:30

Posters, Demos, and Drinks in "De Tuinzaal"

All participants are invited - or: strongly encouraged - to bring a poster covering their current research efforts for presentation during this informal poster-&-demo-&-drinks session at the end of the first day of the Spring School. We specifically would like to urge participants to also consider giving a live demonstration of any working system in the general ComplexHPC domain, to highlight their own recent research results.

The informal poster and demo session will be held in the same building as the normal Spring School sessions, but in a different room: "De Tuinzaal". During the session we will serve a variety of drinks and a few snacks as well. Note, however, that this is should not be considered a replacement for a real dinner.

As we will provide one large wall for the posters to be hung on (instead of separate poster boards), there are no strict size limitations or any other requirements. It is recommended, however, to bring an A0-size poster (portrait) - simply because these are most commonly used at other venues as well (so you can re-use your poster).

You are free to decide the contents of your poster. Clearly, matching the poster with the contents of the Spring School is recommended. In most cases you are expected to include an overview of your own research and/or some of the latest or most interesting results.

During the Poster and Demo Session the particpants to the First International ComplexHPC Challenge have the first opportunity to demonstrate their challenge contribution (in addition to their oral presentation taking place on Wednesday May 11). Other participants who are also interested in giving a live demonstration are asked to contact the Spring School organizers before the start of the Spring School. Requests of this kind will be dealt with on a first-come-first-serve basis.