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Tutorials and Hands-on Sessions

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The ComplexHPC Spring School 2011 features a number of tutorials covering the most prominent and state-of-the-art topics in ComplexHPC, including a.o. heterogeneous computing, hierarchical computing (including multi- and many-core computing), efficient and transparent ComplexHPC programming models, transparent deployment, middleware integration, virtualization, system-level and application level (task) scheduling, green computing, and of course... real-world applications.

The focus of the Spring School tutorials is mostly on software tools, programming models, middleware, and environments. While most of the presented tools and systems are (eventually) end-user oriented (making much of the underlying complexities transparent to the user), the tutorials will specifically focus on the internal structure of the tools - to highlight both the problems encountered in real-world ComplexHPC computing, and the solutions to overcome these problems.

While the Spring School is not specifically focused on ways of efficient mapping of domain specific algorithms and applications to ComplexHPC hardware, the tutorials - of course - also cover real-world problem solving. Clearly, the proof of the ComplexHPC 'pudding' is always in the easy and efficient 'eating'.

Hands-on Sessions

An important part of each of the tutorials will be dedicated to providing hands-on experience with the software tools and systems being presented. The hands-on sessions will either take place after, or be integrated with, the lecture sessions. The hands-on sessions will be performed under supervision of the researchers who have implemented the presented tools themselves, thus allowing for immediate and detailed feedback - and the best possible learning experience for the Spring School participants.

Hands-on Sessions Requirements

For the hands-on sessions it is required for each Spring School participant to bring his/her own laptop. Further requirements, e.g. having certain software pre-installed, will be announced (here) in the weeks leading up to the start of the Spring School.

Currently known requirements for hand-on sessions:
  • Laptop
  • Java 6 (Java 7 is not OK!)
  • Eclipse
  • Ant