Workshop and Special Sessions Papers

On this page you can download all CSMR 2007 Workshop and Special Session papers.
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Workshop on Model-Driven Software Evolution - MoDSE2007

Summary Description

1. A Constructive Approach To Software Evolution - Selim Ciraci, Pim van den Broek, Mehmet Aksit

2. Evaluation of Maintainability of Model-driven Persistency Techniques - Thomas Goldschmidt, Jochen Winzen, Ralf Reussner

3. Towards Synchronizing Models with Evolving Metamodels - Boris Gruschko, Dimitrios S. Kolovos, Richard F. Paige

4. A UML Profile and a FUJABA PlugIn for modelling dynamic software architectures - Mohamed Nadhmi MILADI, Mohamed JMAIEL, Mohamed hadj Kacem

5. Model-Driven Software Evolution: A Research Agenda - Arie van Deursen, Eelco Visser, Jos Warmer

6. The Drawbacks of model-driven Software Evolution - Harry Sneed

Special Session on System Quality and Maintainability - SQM2007

Summary Description

1. System Quality Analysis with Extended Influence Diagrams - Pontus Johnson, Robert Lagerström, Per Närman and Mårten Simonsson

2. Quality metrics for SQL queries embedded in host languages - Huib J. van den Brink, Rob C. van der Leek

3. Maintainability Index Revisited - position paper - Tobias Kuipers, Joost Visser

4. A Data Mining Methodology for Evaluating Maintainability according to ISO/IEC-9126 Software Engineering-Product Quality Standard - P. Antonellis D. Antoniou Y. Kanellopoulos, C. Makris E. Theodoridis C. Tjortjis N.Tsirakis

5. Toward a Process Monitoring Automation: a Proposal - Nicola Boffoli, Danilo Caivano

Service-Oriented Architecture Maintenance - SOAM2007

Summary Description

1. The Landscape of Service-Oriented Systems: A Research Perspective for Maintenance and Reengineering - Kostas Kontogiannis, Grace A. Lewis, Dennis B. Smith

2. Model-based Migration to Service-oriented Architectures - A Project Outline - Andreas Winter, Jörg Ziemann

3. Roles for Maintenance and Evolution of SOA-Based Systems - Mira Kajko-Mattsson, Grace A. Lewis, Dennis B. Smith

4. Migrating to Web Services A Research Framework - Harry Sneed