Myricom Software on DAS

Myrinet software from Myricom

Myricom supplies the following software packages for using the Myrinet hardware in the DAS machine:

Since IP is already supported by the FastEthernet infrastructure, the IP driver is typically not used on the Myrinet platform on DAS. For highly efficient communication, most developers on the DAS will link their applications with the appriate user level communication libraries and the Myrinet device mapping library.

Extensive documentation of the Myricom utilities and libraries can be found here. The software from Myricom is available on the DAS system in directory /usr/local/package/myrinet. The binaries are available from subdirectory bin/intel_linux.

Myrinet libraries are available from subdirectory lib/intel_linux. The libraries typically linked with a program using Myrinet are:

Myrinet device mapping support
Myrinet device access routines
Myrinet firmware file support
General support routines used by other libraries

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