MPI on DAS-2

MPI is a popular, widely supported standard for writing parallel programs using message passing. The version available on DAS-2 is MPICH-GM, which uses Myricom's GM as its message passing layer on Myrinet. MPICH-GM is based on the well-known MPICH package from Argonne/MSU. See also the MPICH documentation collected locally (by Thilo Kielmann).

Compilation of MPI programs with MPICH-GM is done with the scripts mpicc for C programs and mpif77 for Fortran-77 programs; these scripts reside in /usr/local/mpich/mpich-gm/bin/. The scripts are self-contained: no extra flags to indicate MPI include directories or libraries are needed.

The running of MPI programs on DAS-2 by means of the scheduling system is explained here.

MPI Example programs

Directory /usr/local/VU/mpi-examples/ppmpi_c contains a number of MPI example programs in C, described in the book Parallel Programming with MPI. Fortran versions can be found in /usr/local/VU/mpi-examples/ppmpi_f/.

Some locally written or massaged applications can be found in /usr/local/VU/mpi-examples/misc/.

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