Myrinet Software on DAS-2

The supplier of the Myrinet equipment, Myricom also makes the following software available that is installed on DAS-2:

Since IP is already supported by the FastEthernet infrastructure, the IP driver is typically not used on DAS-2's Myrinet interconnect (although the bandwidth obtainable over the IP with Myrinet is impressive, the latency is quite high due to the protocol stack in the kernel). For efficient communication on Myrinet, most developers on DAS-2 will write their application using a portable communication layer (such as MPI) for which an implementation with native support for Myrinet exists.

Extensive documentation of the Myrinet software can be found on the Myricom site. The GM software from Myricom is available on DAS-2 in directory /usr/local/gm/current.

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