Illustrated DAS-2 Tour

Behind the scenes

Here are some pictures of the back of the DAS-2 cluster at the VU.
It turns out that the front of the cluster looks so nice mainly because all the network equipment and cables are installed at the back.

This is what you would want your cluster to look like, all cables tucked away nice and clean:

This is what happens on a larger scale when you haven't made enough effort yet:

The FastEthernet switch at the VU, with Gigabit links to the campus and the fileserver:

The modular Myrinet switch at the VU currently has 72 ports, but can grow up to 128:

Original DAS-2 Pictures

Here are some pictures of DAS-2 cluster components just before that were installed at the five ASCI sites.

The first pictures show the compute nodes of the cluster: IBM xSeries 330 units, each of which wil have two 1.0 GHz PIII CPUs and at least 512 MB of main memory.

The x330 has two 64-bits PCI slots, one of which will be taken by the Myrinet network interface.

Their small height makes the x330 nodes ideal for stacking. In the following pictures only three nodes are stacked; the actual DAS-2 system will consist of 32-node racks, which also have space for the Ethernet and Myrinet switches.

The cluster interconnect for DAS-2 is Myrinet-2000, a faster version of the Myrinet network we used for DAS-1. Our Myrinet-2000 network has fiber-optical cables.

The Myrinet switch of the Vrije Universiteit has 72 ports, and allows extension up to 128 ports. The Myrinet switches at the other sites all have 32 ports.

Each DAS-2 cluster will have a high-speed level-3 switch (i.e., router) from Extreme Networks. Due to the larger cluster at the Vrije Universiteit, the switch is also larger.

A part of DAS-1 at the Vrije Universiteit was dismantled to make room for DAS-2. In this picture it is already being closed in by DAS-2 boxes..

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