The Distributed ASCI Supercomputer 3

DAS-3 Announcements

Monday December 14, 2010: DAS-4 installed on all sites

  • The fourth generation DAS systems (DAS-4) is now installed. Note that the DAS-3 systems will be kept alive to support the existing DAS-3 projects for several years to come.

Friday June 1, 2007: ASCI DAS-3 Symposium 2007

  • The 3rd ASCI DAS-3 symposium: "The Next Generation Grid Infrastructure in The Netherlands" was held on Friday June 1, 2007 at Delft University of Technology (Aula, Senaatszaal).
    The presentations at the DAS-3 symposium are now available on-line.

March 23-29, 2007:

  • Decommissioning of DAS-2 cluster at University of Amsterdam. The DAS-2 headnode will be moved from the location at NIKHEF to the DAS-3 location at the UvA. There, the headnode will be kept operational until somewhere this summer so that users will be able to migrate their data.

    The move will take place on Friday, March 23. We hope to have finished the move well before Thursday March 29.

    This will effectively mean that after Thursday March 22, there will be no DAS-2 UvA cluster anymore, because the headnode will have zero compute nodes at its disposal.

March 14, 2007:

  • Restyled DAS-3 Website launched.