The Distributed ASCI Supercomputer 3

DAS3 Opening Symposium

On the occasion of the installation of the third generation of the Distributed ASCI Supercomputer (DAS3), the ASCI research school organized a symposium at Delft University of Technology on June 1, 2007. The program of the symposium included scientific presentations and demonstrations of work performed with the current and previous generations of the DAS, of two keynote presentations on wide-area computing, and of the official inauguration of the DAS3. The symposium was especially meant for members of ASCI and researchers in the BSIK programs Virtual Lab for e-Science (VL-e) and MultimediaN.

For more information on the DAS3, please see the DAS3 website.

Presentations at the DAS3 Symposium

Henri Bal (VU, chairman of the ASCI DAS3 steering committee):


(PDF, PowerPoint)

Franck Cappello (INRIA, France):

Toward an International Computer Science Grid

(PDF, PowerPoint)

Frank Seinstra, Jan-Mark Geusebroek, and Arnold Smeulders (MultimediaN):

High-Performance Distributed Multimedia Computing

(PDF, PowerPoint, Video1 (WMV), Video2 (WMV), Video3 (AVI))

Erwin Bakker (LU):

Datamining in Bio-informatics

(PDF, PowerPoint)

Dieter Kranzlmueller (Joh. Kepler University Linz, Austria):

Interactive Scientific Visualization on the Grid

(PDF, PowerPoint)

Cees de Laat (UvA):

StarPlane, Lambda Network under Control of Grid Applications


Niels Drost (VU):

Experience with Real-World Gossiping on DAS3


Hashim Mohamed (TUD):

The KOALA Co-Allocating Grid Scheduler


Patrick Aerts (NWO/NCF) and Henk van der Vorst (NWO/EW):

Inauguration of DAS3

(PDF, PowerPoint)

Photo impression of the afternoon demo session and opening seremony:

Photos by Henri Bal and Kees van Reeuwijk