25 April 2018

Hadoop on DAS-4/VU has been updated to version 2.7.6.

5 April 2018

OpenNebula on DAS-4/VU and DAS-4/Delft has been updated to version 5.4.6.

4 April 2018

The DAS-4 clusters have been updated to CentOS 7, and the Nvidia CUDA development kit has been updated to version 8.0 (version 9.1 is also available for recent GPUs). This update makes DAS-4 software-compatible with DAS-5.

6 Jul 2015

DAS-5 is now fully operational! To make room for DAS-5, DAS-4/UvA and DAS-4/ASTRON have been decomissioned, only their headnodes remain available.

25 April 2013

Slides of the DAS-4 workshop presentations are now available.

DAS-4 Steering Group

The DAS-4 system is governed by the following steering group with members from all participating organizations:

VU University

Leiden University

University of Amsterdam

Delft University of Technology


  • Dr. C.G.M. (Cees) Snoek
    Intelligent Systems Lab Amsterdam (ISLA), Informatics Institute,
    Faculty of Science, University of Amsterdam


  • Dr. J.W. (John) Romein
    Stichting ASTRON (Netherlands Institute for Radio Astronomy),
    Dwingeloo, The Netherlands