13 June 2017

DAS-5/VU has been extended with 2 Intel Knights Landing nodes. Check DAS-5 special nodes for an overview of all DAS-5 special nodes.

2 Jan 2017

DAS-5/VU has been extended with 4 TitanX-Pascal GPUs.

May, 2016

IEEE Computer publishes paper about 20 years of Distributed ASCI Supercomputer. See the DAS Achievements page.

28 Sep 2015

DAS-5/VU has been extended with 16 GTX TitanX GPUs.

6 Aug 2015

DAS-5/UvA has been extended with 4 GTX TitanX GPUs: two on both node205 and node206.

DAS-5 Steering Group

The DAS-5 system is governed by the following steering group with members from all participating organizations:

VU University

Leiden University

University of Amsterdam

Delft University of Technology


  • Dr. C.G.M. (Cees) Snoek
    Intelligent Systems Lab Amsterdam (ISLA), Informatics Institute,
    Faculty of Science, University of Amsterdam


  • Dr. J.W. (John) Romein
    Stichting ASTRON (Netherlands Institute for Radio Astronomy),
    Dwingeloo, The Netherlands