Frank van Harmelen in De groene Amsterdammer

On the national algorithm policy: According to the investigating body there can be talk of national administration where the officials possess insufficient knowledge about algorithms they apply. They therefore often don't know how to prevent discrimination and the violation of privacy. The fact that no autonomous AI systems have been detected, is reassuring. "The report shows that the national administration doesn't yet quite leave its work to the algorithms of the AI systems." An AI system consists in its essence of two parts: data and self-learning algorithms. F. van Harmelen stresses, it's essential these systems keep human in the loop, when decisions are being made by the governmental organisations."Algorithms excel in the data set they were trained on, however, as soon as the context changes, the system gets puzzled. This is the exact reason why such systems aren't yet ready to take over the work of the officials."

02/04/2021 | 1:54 PM