Dr. Cristiano Giuffrida wins Roger Needham Award (4th time for VU!)

We are proud to announce that the 2015 Roger Needham PhD Award for best thesis in computer systems in Europe was awarded to Cristiano Giuffrida for his thesis "Safe and Automatic Live Update".

04/22/2015 | 11:57 AM

The Roger Needham Ph.D. Award is one of the most prestigious prizes for young researchers in the area of computer systems. It is named after the late Roger Needham, formerly professor of computer science at the University of Cambridge   

and awarded yearly by Eurosys: ACM SIGOPS in Europe. This year, it was awarded for the 10th time during the banquet at the yearly Eurosys conference. Apart from the VU, no university has won this prize more than once. The computer systems group at the VU has now won it 4 times in the past six years.

 Cristiano Giuffrida wins Roger needham Award 2015

Summary of the thesis:

The thesis deals with the problem that software is constantly being updated. Some updates fix security problems, others add new features. Up until now, updates were always performed by stopping the software to be updated and then restarting the updated version. However, in many situations stopping the software, even for a short period of time is undesirable (think about computers controlling nuclear reactors or banking servers). Cristiano’s work shows how it is possible to update software while it is running so no down time is needed. This is a major advance, which is why the Roger Needham Award was granted for it.