Frank Seinstra wins Enlighten Your Research 3 'Sustainability Prize'

On Wednesday December 7 2011, VU computer science researcher Frank Seinstra has been awarded the 'Sustainability Prize' in the Enlighten Your Research 3 challenge, organized by SURFnet, SARA, BigGrid, and NWO. The prize was awarded for the most energy-efficient approach to solving large-scale scientific problems, as presented in his proposal "High-Performance Distributed Multi-Model/Multi-Kernel Simulations".

12/07/2011 | 2:06 PM

According to the jury report,

"The proposal distinguishes itself from the other proposals because the lightpath is a component of the simulation instrument itself",


"The proposal deserves the sustainability prize because of the way it utilizes smart
software that makes efficient use of the architecture and the resources".

The proposal constitutes a close collaboration between computer science researchers from VU University Amsterdam, astronomers from Leiden University (LU), and climate researchers from Utrecht University (UU). The co-applicants and collaborators are:

VU: Frank Seinstra, Jason Maassen, Niels Drost, Maarten van Meersbergen, Ben van
Werkhoven, and Prof. Henri Bal,
LU: Inti Pelupessy and Prof. Simon Portegies Zwart,
UU: Michael Kliphuis and Prof. Henk Dijkstra.

Apart from a 'sustainability trophy' and 15.000 Euro in prize money, to facilitate the research Frank Seinstra and his team will be granted free access to a diverse hardware infrastructure provided by SARA, SURFnet, and BigGrid for a period of two years.

The Sustainability Prize is the latest in a total of 7 awards/prizes that have been presented to Frank Seinstra (and his research team) for his work on high-performance distributed, heterogeneous, and hierarchical computing.

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