Andre Baart wins High Potential Award in Amsterdam Innovation Contest 2018 with Kasadaka

The Kasadaka “talking box” is a platform to develop voice-based technologies for those who are not connected to the Internet, cannot not read and write and speak under-resourced languages. The Kasadaka project has been developed by André Baart and colleagues, and has extensively been tested in the field. One of its key users is Adama Tessougué, a journalist at Radio Sikidolo in Konobougou, a small village in rural Mali plans to use it to create “Interactive Radio” with the local communities. Kasadaka has recently been extensively used and tested during the elective ICT4D course at VU, by 46 master students (CS, AI and IS) to build applications for farmers in rural Africa. Kasadaka is now being used in a new joint ICT4D course for students of VU and UNIMAS in Sarawak Malaysia, which has just started this month.

06/20/2018 | 3:34 PM