Responsible value creation with big data project accepted

Prof. Dr. Lora Aroyo, Computer Science, will coordinate an interdisciplinary consortium as part of the National Research Roadmap (NWA)

09/21/2017 | 11:17 AM

The project Capturing Bias brings together Computer Science, Social Sciences and Humanities to provide reliable and explainable bias- and diversity-aware methods & tools to support accurate analysis and interpretation of big media data over time. News, interviews, talk shows often appear biased to citizens with different political orientations and understood differently by public policy experts and broader public. Big data analyses of such sources would be more useful if bias is captured more accurately. Detecting fake news or propaganda messages from biased media sources would be improved, potentially allowing viewers to detect misrepresentations as they watch. The partnership consists of dr. Alessandro Bozzon (TU Delft CS & Delft Data Science); Prof.dr Alec Badenoch (Utrecht University, Department of Media and Culture Studies); dr. Antoaneta Dimitrova (Leiden University, FGGA,Institute of Public Administration), Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision (the CLARIAH centre for Media Studies).