VU team visits Faculty of Computer Science in Sarawak, Malaysia

Aim of this visit was to continue and expand research collaboration. The VU was represented, by Prof. Hans Akkermans, Dr. Jaap Gordijn, and Anna Bon. The team explored possibilities for student and research staff exchange between VU and UNIMAS. Our contact at UNIMAS is Dr. Cheah WaiShiang, computer science researcher at UNIMAS, who worked at VU’s in the period 2015 – 2016, on a research project on ICT4D and business sustainability. UNIMAS has a strong program on Community Service Learning, which they started in 2016, in collaboration with Cornell University (US). This program, which is run by the Faculty of Computer Science and Information Technology (FCSIT), aims at bridging the gap between higher education and rural communities. Students of UNIMAS go to the field and develop ICT solutions for communities in Sarawak. The program is currently focused on education in rural regions of Sarawak, and how this can be improved with ICTs. We briefly met the vice chancellor of UNIMAS, who welcomed us. The dean of the Faculty of Computer Science and the director of the research Institute ISITI expressed their interest to intensify collaboration with VU. For a full trip report:

09/13/2017 | 3:59 PM