Computer Science PhD's from 2014 -


How are you feeling, human? Towards emotionally supportive chatbots. / Medeiros, L.
Learning Better : From Baby to Better. / Lan, G.
Modeling and Optimization of Network Assisted Video Streaming. / Kleinrouweler, J.W.M.
How to Keep Your Memory Safe and Your Software Fast. / Kroes, T.
Where is the robot? Life as it could be. / da Silva Miras de Araujo, K.
Embedding Green ICT Maturity in Organisations. / Hankel, A.C.
Predictive Modeling in E-Mental Health : Exploring Applicability in Personalised Depression Treatment. / van Breda, W.R.J.
Commodity compute- and data-transport system design in modern large-scale distributed radio telescopes. / Broekema, P.C.


Personal Quality of Experience : Accurately modelling Quality of Experience for multi-party desktop video-conferencing based on systems, context and user factors. / Schmitt, M.R.
Alive and Kicking : Baby Steps in Robotics. / Jelisavcic, M.
Using virtual agents for simulation and training of social skills in safety-critical circumstances. / Formolo, D.
When Memory Serves Not So Well : Memory Errors 30 Years Later. / van der Veen, V.
Truth in Disagreement : Crowdsourcing Labeled Data for Natural Language Processing. / Dumitrache, A.
Between a hard and soft place: The (in)secure interplay of hardware and software. / Cojocar, L.
A Smartphone-based Infrastructure for Decentralized Partnership Formation. / Bozdog, N.V.
Improving IT Decisions with Enterprise Architecture. / van den Berg, M.J.B.K.
Better Together. / Heinerman, J.V.
Nichesourcing for Improving Access to Linked Cultural Heritage Datasets. / Dijkshoorn, C.R.
Efficient High Frequency Checkpointing for Recovery and Debugging. / Vogt, D.
Reasoning about cell dynamics using network models. / Jacobsen, A.


Monitoring the Engagement of Groups by Using Physiological Sensors. / Wang, C.
Serious Games in Audio-Visual Collections. / Gligorov, R.
Emergent Relational Schemas for RDF. / Pham, M.D.
Contagious: Modeling the Spread of Behaviours, Perceptions and Emotions in Social Networks. / Fernandes de Mello Araujo, E.
The 'K' in 'Semantic Web' Stands for 'Knowledge'. / Beek, W.G.J.
Computing a Sustainable Future : Exploring the Added Value of Computational Models for Increasing the Use of renewable Energy in the Residential Sector. / Tabatabaei, S.
Moving forward : Supporting physical activity behavior change through intelligent technology. / Mollee, J.S.
Formal Modeling and Analysis of Mobile Ad hoc Networks. / Ghassemi Esfahani, F.
Comparing and Aligning Process Representations. / van der Aa, J.H.


Minding a Healthy Lifestyle : An Exploration of Mental Processes and a Smart Environment to Provide Support for a Healthy Lifestyle. / Manzoor, A.

Steer your Mind : Computational Exploration of Human Control in Relation to Emotions, Desires and Social Support. / Abro, A.H.
Accelerating Radio Astronomy with Auto-Tuning. / Sclocco, A.
Interpreting Natural Science Spreadsheets. / de Vos, M.G.
Knowledge Representation for Clinical Guidelines : with applications to Multimorbidity Analysis and Literature Search. / Carretta Zamborlini, V.
The role of hydrophobicity in protein folding and aggregation. / Dijk, E.
Logics for causal inference under uncertainty. / Magliacane, S.
Analyzing and securing binaries through static disassembly. / Andriesse, D.A.
Making sense of our microbes as they become data in our computers. / May, A.
Multi-Scale Investigation of Protein-Protein Interactions. / Hou, Q.
Using run-time randomization against memory corruption attacks on legacy binaries. / Chen, X.
Adapting software testing techniques to enhance software security. / Haller, I.
Optimizing the execution of many-task computing applications using in-memory distributed file systems. / Uta, A.
Crowd Textures : From Sensing Proximity to Understanding Crowd Behavior. / Martella, C.


Software Architecture Strategies for Cyber-Foraging Systems. / Lewis, G.A.
Improving software fault injection. / van der Kouwe, E.
Trusting Crowdsourced Information on Cultural Artefacts. / Nottamkandath, A.
On the design of reliable and scalable networked systems. / Hruby, T.
Publishing and Consuming Linked Data. / Rietveld, L.J.
Refining Statistical Data on the Web. / Merono Penuela, Albert.
Measuring and modeling negative emotions for virtual training. / de Man, J.
Building a Reliable Storage Stack. / van Moolenbroek, D.C.
Towards Embodied Evolution of Robot Organisms. / Weel, B.P.M.
The Web, Speech Technologies and Rural Development in West Africa An ICT4D Approach. / Gyan, N.B.
Parameter Control for Evolutionary Algorithms. / Karafotias, G.
Bringing Model Checking Closer To Practical Software Engineering. / Remenska, D.
Making Up Your Mind: An Exploration into Analysis and Support in Individual and Social Contexts. / Duell, R.
In or Out of Control : Exploring Computational Models to Study the Role of Human Awareness and Control in Behavioural Choices, with Applications in Aviation and Energy Management Domains. / Thilakarathne, D.J.


Programming Many-Cores on Multiple Levels of Abstraction. / Hijma, H.P.
Networks, modules and breeding schedules : Applications of Combinatorial Optimization to Computational Biology. / El-Kebir, M.
Ontology-based Software Architecture Documentation. / de Graaf, K.A.
Ontology-driven Question Generation for Crisis Management. / Teitsma, M.
Energy-Efficient Software. / Procaccianti, G.
Robust SOS Specifications of Probabilistic Processes. / Gebler, E.D.
The Design and Implementation of the Mansion Mobile Agent System. / van 't Noordende, G.J.
Cataloguer Support in Cultural Heritage. / Gazendam, L.J.B.
On Stream Reasoning. / Della Valle, E.
Improving the agility of IT service networks. / Vlietland, J.J.
Updating Compressed Column-Stores. / Heman, S.A.B.C.
Fast and scalable virtual machine deployment. / Razavi, K.


Scientific Supercomputing with Graphics Processing Units. / Werkhoven, B.J.C.
Decentralized k-Clique Matching. / Chmielowiec, A.
Exploring Cross-Layer Dependencies in Congested Wireless Ad Hoc Networks. / Gaba, A.
Of systems and cancer. / Boele, J.
The Effect of Governance in Global Software Development: Analyzing Transactive Memory Systems. / Manteli, C.
Trusting semi-structured web data. / Ceolin, D.
Viable Models of Energy Metabolism : Contemplating Uncertainty in Measured Data, Parameter Estimates and Predictions. / Hettling, J.
Computing Healthcare Quality Indicators Automatically : Secondary Use of Patient Data and Semantic Interoperability. / Dentler, K.
Service Value Networks. / Razo Zapata, I.S.
Building a file-based Storage Stack: Modularity and Flexibility in Loris. / Appuswamy, R.
Look Ma, No Hands! Aspects of Autonomous Vehicle Control. / Willigen, W.H.
Safe and automatic live update. / Giuffrida, C.
Supporting trial recruitment and design by automatically interpreting eligibility criteria. / Milian, K.
Socially-Aware Multimedia Authoring. / Laiola Guimaraes, R.
The design of a cosmic-ray detector as a wireless distributed system. / Yousaf, S.
Supporting Networked Software Development. / Tamburri, D.A.
Programming Frameworks for Distributed Smartphone Computing. / Kemp, R.
Agent-based support for behavior change : Models and applications in health and safety domains. / van Wissen, A.
Agent-Based Analysis and Support of Human Functioning in Complex Socio-Technical Systems : Applications in Safety and Healthcare. / Mogles, N.M.