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Computer Science PhDs 2011 - 2013

StudentYearGroupEmpl.(Co) PromotorThesisPdF
Eelco den Heijer2013AIProf.dr. A.E. EibenTowards unsupervised evolutionary art
Matt van Steen and Dr. S. VoulgarisLow-power epidemic communication in mobile ad hoc networks
Koen Kok 2013 BWM  Prof. dr. H. AkkermansThe PowerMatcher: Smart Coordination for the Smart Electricity GridKoen Kok 04-07-2013
H. Rijgersberg2013 BWM J.L. TopSemantic Support for Quantitative Research H. Rijgersberg 21-05-2013 
S. Ortolani2013CS   Prof. dr. A. Tanenbaum and Dr. B. Crispo
Memory Analysis for Privacy-Breaching malware Detection S. Ortolani 23-04-2013 
C. Rossow 2013 H.J.Bos and van SteenUsing Malware Analysis to Evaluate Botnet ResilienceC. Rossow 23-04-2013 
M. Razavian 2013 IMSE VU Prof.dr. J.C. van Vliet and Dr. P. Lago co-promotorKnowledge-driven Migration to servicesM. Razavian 11-04-2013 
A.M. Oprescu 2013 CS H.E. Bal and Dr.-Ing.habil. T. Kielmann co-promotorStochastic approaches to self-adaptive application execution on cloudsA.M. Oprescu 28-03-2013
S. Klarman 2013 AI  Prof.dr. F.A.H. van HarmelenReasoning with contexts in Description LogicsS. Klarman 27-02-2013 
R-J Merk 2013 AI   Prof.dr. J. Treur  Making Enemies: Cognitive Modeling for Opponent Agents in Fighter Pilot Simulators  R.-J. Merk 06-02-2013
J. Urbani2013CS H.E. Bal and Prof.dr. F.A.H. van Harmelen On Web-scale ReasoningJ. Urbani 09-01-2013
J.M. Wams2012CS van SteenUnified Messaging Atop a Cloud of Micro-ObjectsJ.M. Wams 18-12-2012 
Z. Wei2012CS M.R. van Steen, G.E. Pierre and Prof.dr. C.H. ChiScalable data management for Web ApplicationsZ. Wei 04-12-2012 
A. Tordai2012BWM Prof.dr. A.T. Schreiber and Prof.dr. B.J. WielingaOn Combining Alignment TechniquesA. Tordai 03-12-2012
L. Kwiatkowski2012IMSEProf.dr. C. Verhoef and dr. R.J. PetersBit-to-board analysis for IT decision makingL. Kwiatkowski 19-11-2012
C. Kop2012TIProf.dr. W.J. Fokkink and dr. F. van RaamsdonkHigher Order TerminationC. Kop 13-11-2012
N. Bonzanni2012BioinfProf.dr. J. Heringa , Prof.dr.W.J. Fokkink and K.A. FeenstraTowards Executable BiologyNicola Bonzanni 05-11-2012
E.W. Haasdijk2012AIVUProf.dr.A.E. EibenNever too old to learnEvert Haasdijk 01-11-2012
S.K. Smit2012AIProf.dr. A.E. EibenParameter Tuning and Scientific testing in evolutionary algorithmsSelmar Smit 17-10-2012 H.E. Bal and Dr.-Ing.habil. T. KielmannSmartphones: A Platform for Disaster ManagementNick Palmer 03-10-2012
E. H.E. Bal and Prof.dr. W.J. FokkinkTowards Big Biology: high-performance verification of large concurrent systemsE. Krepska 05/09/2012
E.R.Poort2012IMSEProf.dr. J.C. van VlietImproving Solution Architecting PracticesE.R. Poort 18-06-2012
F. Both2012AIProf.dr. J. TreurHelping People by Understanding Them: Ambient Agents Supporting Task Execution and Depression TreatmentF. Both 05-06-2012
A.M. H.J.Bos and H.E. BalUsing Information Flow Tracking to protect Legacy BinariesA. Slowinska 30-05-2012
N. van der Wal2012AIVUProf.dr. J. TreurSocial Agents: Agent-Based Modelling of Integrated Internal and Social Dynamics of Cognitive and Affective ProcessesN. van der Wal 07/05/2012
R. van Lambalgen2012AIProf.dr. J. TreurWhen the Going Gets Tough: Exploring Agent-based Models of Human Performance under Demanding ConditionsR. van Lambalgen 03-04-2012
D. M.R. van SteenPerformance Guarantees for Web ApplicationsDejun Jiang 29 maart 2012
A. Vanya2012IMSEProf.dr. J.C. van VlietSupporting Architecture Evolution by Mining Software RepositoriesA. Vanya 02-03-2012
M. Umair2012AI Prof.dr. J. TreurAdaptivity, Emotion, and Rationality in Human and Ambient Agent ModelsM.Umair 06-02-2012 
D. Ganesan2012IMSE Prof.dr. C. Verhoef Software Architecture Discovery for Testability, Performance and Maintainability of Industrial SystemsD Ganesan 24-01-2012 
J.L. Eveleens2011IMSE Prof.dr. C. VerhoefIT Forecast Quality in Measure and NumberJL Eveleens 13-12-2011 
V. Clerc2011IMSE Prof.dr. J.C. van Vliet and Dr. P. Lago co-promotorArchitectural Knowledge Management in Global Software DevelopmentV. Clerc 13-12-2011 
A.A. Aziz2011AI Prof.dr. J. TreurExploring Computational Models for Intelligent Support of Persons with DepressionAB Ab Aziz 06-12-2011empty
A. Bhulai2011IMSE VUProf.dr. G.C. van der VeerDynamic website optimization through autonomous management of design patternsA. Bhulai 25-11-2011 
Q. Gu2011IMSE Prof.dr. J.C. van Vliet and Dr. P. Lago co-promotorGuiding Service-Oriented Software EngineeringQ. Gu 06-10-2011 
M.A. Pontier2011AI Prof.dr. J. TreurVirtual Agents for Human Communication: Emotion Regulation and Involvement-Distance Trade-Offs in Embodied Conversational Agents and RobotsMA Pontier 19-09-2011empty
S.W. Jafrey2011AI Prof.dr. J. TreurAnalysis and Validation of Models for Trust DynamicsSW Jaffry 09-11-2011 
G. Urdaneta paredes2011CS M.R. van SteenCollaborative Wikipedia HostingG. Urdaneta Paredes 30-06-2011 
I. Vaishnavi2011CS en BWM Prof.dr. D.C.A.Bulterman and Prof. M.R. van Steen Coherence in Synchronous Shared ExperiencesI Vaishnavi 24-06-2011 
T. Binsl2011Bioinf Prof.dr. J. Heringa Fluxes of life: Bioinformatica for Metabolic Flux Quantification in Isotopic Non-Steady-StateT. Binsl 11-03-2011 
B. van der Raadt2011IMSE Prof.dr. J.C. van VlietEnterprise Architecture coming of age: Increasing the performance of an emerging disciplineB van der Raadt 25-02-2011 
R. Bakhshi2011TI VUProf. dr. W. Fokkink and prof. dr. ir. M.R. van SteenGossiping Models. Formal Analysis of Epidemic ProtocolsRena Bakhshi 13-01-2011