Claustrophobia project


Possible supervisor: Frank van Harmelen


Project description

Claustrophobia is the fear for closed places. A person suffering from claustrophobia is not afraid of closed spaces but what can happen in a closed area. The idea of not being able to leave the place or if it is difficult to move can lead to fear and panic. This can lead to physical reactions such as sweating, rise in heartbeats, dizziness, and hyperventilation. 


The task of this project is to develop a web application that can be implemented based on the protocol given by the domain experts. The website will act as a therapist for the user. The user will log on a number of times during a period in time and will follow different tasks given by the website. The computer will give the user a task to complete and upon the results of the task provide the user with feedback.

The job of the knowledge engineer is to work with the domain experts (clinical psychology student at the Radboud university in Nijmegen). Developing the website and the engine. Second writing his thesis about the protocol developed at the RU and the success of the project.

The protocol is almost finished is being done by 3 clinical psychology student with the supervision of Sander Hilberink (Rien Bretler is on a sabbatical)