Banner High Performance Distributed Computing
The landscape of distributed computing systems has changed many times over the previous decades. Modern real-world distributed systems consist of clusters, grids, clouds, desktop grids, and mobile devices. Writing applications for such systems has become increasingly difficult. We feel there is an urgent need to drastically simplify the programming of such applications. The HPDC group therefore studies the underlying fundamental problems of distributed computing (e.g., performance, heterogeneity, malleability, fault-tolerance, and connectivity) hand-in-hand with major applications (e.g, astronomy, bioinformatics, multimedia content analysis, distributed reasoning, distributed model checking).

This High Performance Distributed Computing(HPDC) group is part of the Computer Science department of the Faculty of Sciences at the VU University, Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

See the different subsections for publications, information on current and past research performed in this group and people working in the HPDC group.