Computer Systems

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The Computer Systems Section consists of 5 research groups: 

Stamp High Performance Distributed Computing
Stamp Systems and Security
Stamp Large Scale Distributed Computing
Stamp Systems and Network Security
  Computer Syst
High Performance Distributed ComputingSystems & SecurityLarge Scale Distributed SystemsSystems and Network SecurityMassivizing Computer Systems

We take part in ASCI, the Advanced School for Computing and Imaging, which offers graduate courses to our PhD students and opportunies for the senior researchers to meet. We also take part in SIKS, the School for Information and Knowledge Systems.

The Distributed ASCI Supercomputer 4 (DAS-4) is a computer science grid with a revolutionary optical interconnect. DAS-4 is a wide-area distributed system designed by the Advanced School for Computing and Imaging ASCI. As one of its distinguishing features, DAS-4 employs a number of HPC accelerators (currently various GPU types) and a novel internal wide area interconnect based on light paths. The DAS-4 system is used for research on parallel and distributed computing and imaging. DAS-4 consists of about 200 compute nodes spread out over six clusters, and located at five universities.