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Welcome to the Ibis webpage.

This is the website of Ibis. Ibis is an open source Java distributed computing software project of the Computer Systems group, which is part of the Computer Science department of the Faculty of Sciences at the VU University, Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

The main goal of the Ibis project is to create an efficient Java-based platform for distributed computing. The Ibis project currently consists of the IPL (a communication library), a variety of programming models, the Java Grid Application Toolkit, and the Zorilla peer-to-peer middleware. All components can be deployed on any compute platform, due to the use of Java.

See the various sections of this website for documentation on the Ibis subprojects, downloads, users of Ibis and other information.

For the all-important question "How do I pronounce Ibis?", please listen to the recording of one of the project members explaining this in detail.


What's new?
Henri Bal receives Euro-Par Achievement Award
JavaGAT 2.1.2 released
IPL 2.3 released
JavaGAT 2.1.1 released
JavaGAT 2.1.0 released
WebPie wins the SCALE 2010 challenge
Ibis Satin 2.2 released
Ibis MPJ 2.2 released
Ibis RMI 2.2 released
Ibis GMI 2.2 released
IPL 2.2 released
JavaGAT 2.0.5 released
JavaGAT 2.0.4 released
MaRVIN Team wins 3rd prize at Billion Tripple track of Semantic Web Challenge 2008
Smartsockets 1.4 released
JavaGAT 2.0.1 released
Press Release: Ibis wins Data Analysis Challenge for Finding Supernovae