Class Prequest

  extended by ibis.mpj.Request
      extended by ibis.mpj.Prequest

public class Prequest
extends Request

Request class for persistent point-to-point communication.

Constructor Summary
Method Summary
 void start()
          Activate a persistent communication request.
static void startAll(Prequest[] arrayOfRequests)
          Activate a list of communication requests.
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Constructor Detail


public Prequest()
Method Detail


public void start()
Activate a persistent communication request. The communication is completed by using the requests in one of the operations Request.Wait, Request.test, Request.waitAny, Request.testAny, Request.waitAll, Request.testAll, Request.waitSome, Request.testSome. On succesful completion the request becomes inactive. It can be reactivated by a further call to start.


public static void startAll(Prequest[] arrayOfRequests)
Activate a list of communication requests.

arrayOfRequests - array of persistent communication requests

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