Constant Field Values


public static final int COORDINATOR_QUIT_DELAY_TIME 10000
public static final String PROPERTY_PREFIX "satin."
public static final String s_alg "satin.alg"
public static final String s_asserts "satin.asserts"
public static final String s_client "satin.client"
public static final String s_close_connections "satin.closeConnections"
public static final String s_closed "satin.closed"
public static final String s_connections_on_demand "satin.connectionsOnDemand"
public static final String s_cpt "satin.cpt"
public static final String s_cpt_cluster "satin.cpt.cluster"
public static final String s_cpt_file "satin.cpt.file"
public static final String s_cpt_first "satin.cpt.first"
public static final String s_cpt_interval "satin.cpt.interval"
public static final String s_cpt_maxFileSize "satin.cpt.maxfilesize"
public static final String s_cpt_push "satin.cpt.push"
public static final String s_cpt_quit "satin.cpt.quit"
public static final String s_delete_cluster_time "satin.deleteClusterTime"
public static final String s_delete_time "satin.deleteTime"
public static final String s_detailed_stats "satin.detailedStats"
public static final String s_dump "satin.dump"
public static final String s_ft_connectTimeout "satin.ft.connectTimeout"
public static final String s_ft_naive "satin.ft.naive"
public static final String s_in_latency "satin.messagesInLatency"
public static final String s_keep_intra_connections "satin.keepIntraConnections"
public static final String s_kill_time "satin.killTime"
public static final String s_masterhost "satin.masterHost"
public static final String s_max_connections "satin.maxConnections"
public static final String s_max_steal_throttle "satin.maxStealThrottle"
public static final String s_queue_steals "satin.queueSteals"
public static final String s_so_delay ""
public static final String s_so_lrmc ""
public static final String s_so_size ""
public static final String s_so_wait_time ""
public static final String s_stats "satin.stats"
public static final String s_steal_wait_timeout "satin.stealWaitTimeout"
public static final String s_throttle_steals "satin.throttleSteals"
public static final String s_unreliable "satin.unreliable"

public static final boolean GLOBAL_PAUSE_RESUME false

public static final byte ABORT 12
public static final byte ABORT_AND_STORE 17
public static final byte ASYNC_STEAL_AND_TABLE_REQUEST 20
public static final byte ASYNC_STEAL_REPLY_FAILED 8
public static final byte ASYNC_STEAL_REPLY_FAILED_TABLE 23
public static final byte ASYNC_STEAL_REPLY_SUCCESS 9
public static final byte ASYNC_STEAL_REPLY_SUCCESS_TABLE 24
public static final byte ASYNC_STEAL_REQUEST 7
public static final byte BARRIER_REPLY 3
public static final byte BARRIER_REQUEST 32
public static final byte BLOCKING_STEAL_REQUEST 15
public static final byte CHECKPOINT 37
public static final byte CHECKPOINT_INFO 38
public static final byte CHECKPOINT_REQUEST 36
public static final byte COORDINATOR_INFO 40
public static final byte CRASH 16
public static final byte EXIT 1
public static final byte EXIT_REPLY 2
public static final byte EXIT_STAGE2 31
public static final byte FILE_WRITE_TIME 39
public static final byte FILE_WRITE_TIME_REQ 41
public static final byte GRT_UPDATE 33
public static final byte JOB_RESULT_EXCEPTION 11
public static final byte JOB_RESULT_NORMAL 10
public static final byte PAUSE 34
public static final byte RESULT_PUSH 25
public static final byte RESULT_REQUEST 18
public static final byte RESUME 35
public static final byte SO_DEMAND 28
public static final byte SO_INVOCATION 26
public static final byte SO_NACK 30
public static final byte SO_REQUEST 27
public static final byte SO_TRANSFER 29
public static final byte STEAL_AND_TABLE_REQUEST 19
public static final byte STEAL_REPLY_FAILED 5
public static final byte STEAL_REPLY_FAILED_TABLE 21
public static final byte STEAL_REPLY_SUCCESS 6
public static final byte STEAL_REPLY_SUCCESS_TABLE 22
public static final byte STEAL_REQUEST 4

public static final String MESSAGE "Failed to propose a sync insertion"

public static final int INDENTATION_WIDTH 2
public static final int NR_CHARS_ON_LINE 150

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