Interface Analyzer

All Known Implementing Classes:
ControlFlow, EarliestLoad, Naive

public interface Analyzer

Interface that defines what an analyzer for a syncrewriter should do.

Method Summary
 org.apache.bcel.generic.InstructionHandle[] proposeSyncInsertion(SpawningMethod method, Debug debug)
          Proposes instruction before which a sync should be inserted.

Method Detail


org.apache.bcel.generic.InstructionHandle[] proposeSyncInsertion(SpawningMethod method,
                                                                 Debug debug)
                                                                 throws SyncInsertionProposalFailure
Proposes instruction before which a sync should be inserted. If the analysis fails then a SyncInsertionProposalFailure can be thrown.

method - The spawnable method on which the analysis should happen.
debug - An instance of a debug utility for printing error, warning and debug messages.
The instructionhandles before which the syncrewriter should insert sync statements.
SyncInsertionProposalFailure - When the analysis fails.

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