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Question: When will be the next release?
Answer: Just check this website regularly, if you want to be notified upon a new release, please send an email to ceriel@cs.vu.nl.

Question: Will middleware 'xxx' be supported?
Answer: JavaGAT is a very flexible toolkit an can support any middleware. The default JavaGAT release comes with a lot of adaptors, but if the one that's installed on your cluster isn't available, you have to implement it yourself. Please let us know when you created a new adaptor. It might be included in new JavaGAT releases.

Question: How do I write my own adaptor?
Answer: Download JavaGAT and have a look at the file doc/adaptorwriting.txt.

Question: Does JavaGAT work on Globus 5?
Answer: Yes, the globus resourcebroker adaptor and the gridftp file adaptors work. Since Globus 5 does not have web-services like ws-gram, the web-services-based gt42 and wsgt4new adaptors don't work on Globus 5.