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Henri Bal Thilo Kielmann
From left to right:
  • Henri E. Bal : Professor
  • Thilo Kielmann : Associate Professor.


Jason Maassen Frank J. Seinstra
From left to right:
  • Jason Maassen :
    Worked on Ibis design, Ibis TCP implementation, efficient serialization, RMI, Object replication (RepMI) and Group Method Invocation (GMI).
  • Frank J. Seinstra :
    Working on High-performance Distributed Multimedia computing using Ibis

Ph.D. students

Mathijs den Burger Niels Drost Ana-Maria Oprescu Roelof Kemp
From left to right:
  • Mathijs den Burger :
    Working on Multicasting in Grid environments.
  • Niels Drost :
    Wrote the NIO Ibis implementation and is currently working on Peer-to-Peer stuff, including Zorilla.
  • Ana-Maria Oprescu :
    Working on a fault-tolerant implementation of RepMI.
  • Roelof Kemp :
    Working on the JavaGAT and Ibis-Deploy


Ceriel Jacobs Kees Verstoep
From left to right:
  • Ceriel J.H. Jacobs :
    Worked on Ibis serialization, Ibis RMI, Ibis GMI, bytecode rewriting, and many other things.
  • Kees Verstoep :
    Worked on NetIbis and Satin applications including a SAT solver

Former members

Rob van Nieuwpoort Malgorzata Wrzesinska Kees van Reeuwijk Rutger Hofman
From left to right:
  • Rob V. van Nieuwpoort :
    Worked on Ibis design, Ibis TCP implementation, efficient serialization, RMI and Satin (parallel Divide-and-Conquer).
  • Malgorzata Wrzesinska :
    Worked on Ibis RMI, Satin fault tolerance, and Satin shared objects.
  • Kees van Reeuwijk :
    Worked on some larger applications on top of Ibis, for instance a solver for the Satisfiability (SAT) problem (written on top of Satin).
  • Rutger Hofman :
    Worked on NetIbis, messagePassing Ibis, CCJ, and many other things.
Olivier Aumage Fabrice Huet Maik Nijhuis
From left to right:
  • Olivier Aumage :
    Worked on Ibis design, NetIbis.
  • Alexandre Denis :
    Worked on firewall and NAT support for Ibis.
  • Fabrice Huet :
    Worked on deploying ProActive over Ibis.
  • Maik Nijhuis :
    Wrote a BarnesHutt implementation for Satin.