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Parallel programming Practical 2012/2013

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The MPI assignment


The Message-Passing Interface or MPI is widely used. It is not a new programming language; rather it is a library of subprograms that can be called from C and Fortran programs. It was developed by an open, international forum consisting of representatives from industry, academia, and government laboratories. It has rapidly received widespread acceptance because it has been carefully designed to permit maximum performance on a wide variety of systems, and it is based on message passing, one of the most powerful and widely used paradigms for programming parallel systems. The introduction of MPI makes it possible for developers of parallel software to write libraries of parallel programs that are both portable and efficient. Use of these libraries will hide many of the details of parallel programming, and, as a consequence, make parallel computing much more accessible to students and professionals in all branches of science and engineering.
Taken from Parallel Programming with MPI by Peter Pacheco.

The MPI assignment for the 2012-2013 PPP course is available on the Blackboard.

Send any questions you have for this assignment to Ana Lucia Varbanescu .

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October 31, 2012:
The new assignments are available on the blackboard.

October 31, 2012:
The site for PPP has moved on the blackboard.

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