Instructions for Phase 1:

You should read the four example research proposals at the Canvas site of the class (under Syllabus). These are actual proposals that have been submitted to NWO (the Dutch Science foundation) or other funding agencies by staff members of the Computer Science department. (Their names have been omitted). Some of these proposals have actually been accepted, and some have been rejected or are still under evaluation.

For each proposal, write a short (at most 1 page) review, using the review form given below (adapted from an NWO form). The most important task is to find arguments in favor or against each proposal, and make this clear in your review. It is insufficient to just indicate which ones you like or dislike, you have to come up with arguments (and defend these in class). Be critical when you want to (you won't insult anyone!).

You are not asked to give any ratings to the individual proposals, but please do specify an ordering between the proposals, ranging from best to worst.

Email your submission to Adhere to the following instructions:

Just write your review on not more than 1 A4, 11-point Times Roman, 2.5 margins on all sides, with a final grade of 1-10 on the last line (with 10 being the highest possible score).

Your review should start with the line "Number and title of the proposal" in boldface, then on the next line, the number and title. Then comes a blank line, followed by your free-format review.

Andy will also give you some brief comments on your reviews, as well as an average grade.

Here is the link to the phase 2 instructions.