Lecture Programming Large-scale Parallel Systems (2017)

Lecturers prof dr ir H.E. Bal and dr. Clemens Grelck (UvA)

Period Fall

Credits 6 ECTS

Time Mondays 13.30-15.15 and Thursdays 11.00-12.15

Code: X_400161


The material for the examination exists of:

An example exam is here (April 2008).
Additional (more recent) questions are here .

Overhead sheets

The overhead sheets will be put online here before each lecture, together with a reference to the paper(s) from the reader that will be covered.

1. Background

2. Introduction parallel programming

3a. Parallel machines - Introduction

3b. Parallel machines - Cluster computers

3c. The Distributed ASCI Supercomputer

3d. Parallel machines - Performance metrics

4. Message passing

5. MPI

6. HPF

7. Climate modelling on distributed supercomputers

8a. N-body methods

8b. Transposition-Driven Scheduling

9. Chapel: all slides

10. Summary