Research projects with DAS at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam

Albatross project:

In the Albatross project we use DAS to study algorithms and applications for wide-area parallel computing. We have run a set of Orca applications on the wide-area DAS system, analyzed their performance, and hand-optimized the applications to take the wide-area structure into account. The results indicate that surprisingly high efficiencies can be obtained on a wide-area cluster, despite the high latencies and low throughput of the WAN links.

Orca project:

We have developed efficient communication software for Myrinet (the local area network of DAS), including LANai firmware, higher-level communication protocols (Panda), and programming systems (Orca and PVM). We have analyzed the performance of the Orca system on DAS in detail and we have compared it against two other distributed shared memory systems (CRL and TreadMarks). We have also done a performance comparison between Myrinet, ATM, and Fast Ethernet, using a collection of challenging applications.

Manta project:

Manta is high-performance parallel Java system with a fast implementation of RMI. Manta has been implemented on the local DAS clusters (using Myrinet) and on the wide-area DAS system.

Research papers of Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam using DAS
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