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February 2007
16th Usenix Security Symposium 2007, Boston, 6-10 August 2007, Boston, MA, USA.(3rd)
VEE 2007: Third International ACM SIGPLAN/SIGOPS Conference on Virtual Execution Environments , San Diego, 13-15 June 2007, San Diego, CA, USA.(5th)
20th IEEE Computer Security Foundations Symposium, S.Servolo Island, 6-8 July 2007, Venice, Italy.(5th)
ESAS 2007: 4th European Workshop on Security and Privacy in Ad hoc and Sensor Networks, Cambridge, 2-3 July 2007, Cambridge, UK.(7th)
IH 2007: 9th International Workshop on Information Hiding, Palais du Grand Large, 11-13 June 2007, Saint Malo, France.(9th)
DIMVA 2007: 4th GI International Conference on Detection of Intrusions & Malware, and Vulnerability Assessment, Lucerne, 12-13 July 2007, Lucerne, Switzerland.(9th)
The 2nd International Workshop on IT-solutions for Physical Security, Stockholm, 29-30 March 2007, Stockholm, Sweden.(11th)
ACISP 2007: 12th Australasia n Conference on Information Security and Privacy, Townsville, 1-6 July 2007, Townsville, Queensland, Australia.(12th)
PODC 2007: 26th Annual ACM Sigact-Sigops Symposium on the Principle of Distributed Computing, Portland, 12-15 August 2007, Portland, Oregon, USA.(12th)
Pairing 2007: The first International Conference on Pairing-based Cryptography, Tokyo, 2-4 July 2007, Tokyo, Japan.(15th)
6th Annual Security Conference, Las Vegas, 11-12 April, 2007, Las Vegas, NV, USA.(15th)
FIPTM 2007: Joint iTrust and PST Conferences on Privacy, Trust Management and Security, Moncton, 30th July - 2nd August 2007, Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada.(16th)
Crypto 2007, Santa Barbara, 19-23 August 2007, Santa Barbara, CA, USA.(19th)
PET 2007: 7th Workshop on Privacy Enhancing Technologies , University of Ottawa, 20-22 June 2007, Ottawa, Canada.(19th)
Cyber-Fraud 2007: The First International Workshop on Cyber-Fraud , San Jose, 1-6 July, 2007, San Jose, CA, USA.(20th)
ICITS: International Conference on Information Theoretic Security , Madrid, 25-29 May, 2007, Madrid, Spain.(23rd)
STPSA 2007: 2nd IEEE International Workshop on Security, Trust, and Privacy for Software Applications , (held in conjunction with COMPSAC 2007), Beijin, 24-27 July 2007, Beijin, China.(23rd)
HotBots 2007: First Workshop on Hot Topics in Understanding Botnets (Co-located with the 4th USENIX Symposium on Networked Systems Design & Implementation), Cambridge, 10 April 2007, Cambridge, MA, USA.(26th)
EUROPKI 2007: Fourth European PKI Workshop , Mallorca, 28-30 June 2007, Mallorca, Spain.(28th)

March 2007
ICCCN 2007: 16th International Conference in Computer Communications and Networks, Turtle Bay Resort, 13-16 August 2007, Honolulu, Hawaii, USA. (1st)
SecureComm 2007: 3rd International Conference on Security and Privacy in Communication Networks , Nice, 17-21 September 2007, Nice, France. (7th)
CHES 2007: Workshop on Cryptographic Hardware and Embedded Systems , Vienna, 10-13 September 2007, Vienna, Austria.(12th)
IEEE GlobeCom 2007, Washington, 26-30 November 2007, Washington, DC, USA.
(15th) IAS 2007: The 3rd International Symposium on Information Assurance and Security , Manchester, 29-31 August 2007, Manchester, UK.(20th)
CEAS 2007: Fourth Conference on Email and Anti-Spam , Mountain View, 2-3 August 2007, Mountain View, CA, USA.(23rd)
ISC 2007: 10th Information Security Conference, Valparaiso, 9-12 October 2007, Valparaiso, Chile.(30th)
ESORICS 2007: 12th European Symposium On Research In Computer Security , Dresden, 24-26 September 2007, Dresden, Germany.(30th)

RAID 2007: 10th International Symposium on Recent Advances in Intrusion Detection , Crowne Plaza Hotel, 5-7 September 2007, Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia.(31st)
MASS 2007: The Fourth IEEE International Conference on Mobile Ad-hoc and Sensor Systems, Pisa, 8-11 October 2007, Pisa, Italy. (31st)

April 2007
IWSEC 2007: 2nd International Workshop on Security , New Public Hall, 29-31 October 2007, Nara, Japan. (13th)
SRDS 2007: 26th IEEE International Symposium on Reliable Distributed Systems , Beijin, 10-12 October 2007, Beijin, China. (18th)
Tippi 2007: 3rd Trustworthy Interfaces for Passwords and Personal Information workshop , Stanford University, 22 June 2007, Stanford, CA, USA. (23rd)

May 2007
CCS 2007: 14th ACM Conference on Computer and Communications Security , Hilton Alexandria Mark Center, 29 October - 2 November 2007, Alexandria, VA, USA. (1st)
SAC 2007: The 14th Annual Workshop on Selected Areas in Cryptography , Ottawa, 16-17 August 2007, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. (11th)
ProvSec 2007: International Conference on Provable Security , Wollongong, 29-31 October 2007, Wollongong, Australia. (11th)
Conference on RFID Security 2007 , Malaga, 11-13 July 2007, Malaga, Spain. (16th)
WISA 2007: 10th International Workshop on Information Security Applications , Jeju Island, 27-29 August 2007, Jeju Island, South Korea. (19th)

June 2007
AsiaCrypt 2007, Kuching, 2-6 December 2007, Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia. (1st)

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