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  1. Paul Braam MSc.

    Founder of DIGIFiT and


    • Master of Science in Computer Science, VU University Amsterdam
    • Master of Science in Business Studies, University of Amsterdam

    When I finished my Master in Computer Science I started to work as a Business Analyst for a cool company named Everest( that utilizes knowledge systems to build complex and agile e-business solutions for financial institutions. Soon I got promoted, and I became project leader of a big development project. After 2 years of working I decided to quit and together with my business partner I started a new company named DIGIFiT, see With DIGIFiT we develop new applications in wellness like, which is a cross media(internet, mobile, gaming) platform, that focuses on motivating people to change to, or keep up with, a healthy lifestyle. My current work is really diverse: business, creativity, and technical knowledge all come together.


  2. Hugo Braam LL.M.

    current position(s): Founder VirtuaGym
    communications, content development, design, legal matters and business development


    Master Dutch Law at Utrecht University (legal) Post-graduate master Intellectual Property Law aan de University of Exeter en Technische Universiteit Dresden (legal in creative field) Autodidact designer, both 2D and 3D. Proficient in Photoshop, Illustrator and 3DS Max


    I started out as a lawyer in the field of intellectual property law, advising (creative and pharmaceutical) companies on how to protect their products. I always felt that it would be cooler to actually be part of the creative process, instead of "just" being advisor on the sideline. That's what I'm doing right now and it has definitely lived up to my expectations.


  3. Sander Veenhof



    Visual arts, Entrepreneur, Hybrid, Cross media

    description -- from TOP100

    Sander Veenhof combines marketing concepts with artistic detours, disguises sophisticated hi-tech concepts with low-tech looks, unites virtual and physical spaces and mixes digital logic and control with dynamic, organic processes.

    Although new media is the origin of most of his projects, often incorporating online functionality, Veenhof's main focus is connecting new media to our physical space. Interactivity is key in his work, even when an audience isn't aware of the bigger picture and can't even choose -not- to participate. He creates installations that express website statistics by plant growth, had a crowd browse YouTube videos by performing or showing objects in front of a camera, and he created meet-and-greet opportunities for people and virtual world avatars.The concepts Sander realises aim to be new, remarkable, provoking or fun; reflecting issues in our current and future online and offline society.

    Veenhof works as an all-round freelancer, sometimes in cooperation with companies, organisations or festivals, either on request or because of his own urgency to present some specific concept at a specific spot.

    In July 2009 Sander Veenhof graduated from the Instable Media department of the Rietveld Academy. Before that, he was awarded a degree in Business Computer Science at the VU University Amsterdam. A contrasting but valuable combination and exemplary of his fascination for bridging seemingly incompatible worlds.


  4. Viola van Alphen

    Business Consultant, Organiser, Curator, Second Life producer+filmer, Processs manager, Coach, Nerd.

    Works as managing director for multi media organisation PLANETART & yearly festival GOGBOT EnvironMental Arts, Media & Technology Enschede, 20.000 visitors.

    Guestteacher/lecturer at Willem de Kooning academie, Hogeschool van Amsterdam, Vrije Universiteit, Rietveld academie, Sandberg instituut.

    Presentations at Transmediale09 festival for digital art and culture - Berlin, ISEA08 International Symposium on Electronic Art - Singapore, Cellsbutton-02 Yogyakarta - Indonesia, Toshare08 international festival on digital art Torino - Italy, Moscow International Film Festival, Worldexpo 2010 Shanghai, etc.


    high mathematics and computer science (Radboud Universiteit Nijmegen), Project architecture (Nijmegen), Business Administration (VU Amsterdam)


  5. Marek van de Watering

    Student at the Gerrit Rietveld Academie.

    Before that BSc. in Information Sciences, specialization Business Informatics, and MSc. specializing in Multimedia (research/creative). Worked at the Vrije Universiteit for Multimedia and the Climate Center as concept designer and researcher in 2008, and from 2009 at the University of Twente for Creative Technology (PR/creative).

    "I do not know what I want", or I want what I do not know. It's not clear, and I want to get the most out of it. From business informatics to art, it is quite a ride.


  6. Hugo Huurdeman

    My name is Hugo Huurdeman. I have a MSc degree (2007) in Information Sciences, with a specialization in Multimedia and Culture. Projects that I have been involved in include XIMPEL, an open platform for interactive media and Clima Futura, which combined both multimedia and the subject of climate change.

    I am currently working on freelance video and multimedia productions with my company Timeless Future. I am also a (part-time) student Cultural Information Science at the University of Amsterdam. You can find my portfolio at For more information, do not hesitate to contact me (


  7. Winoe Bhikharie



    Game Development

    current activity

    working as a software developer for various platforms.


    Games give the player the freedom to express themselves within a digital world. My goal is to create games that are interesting for both the developer and the gamer. Game development platforms I have worked with are Half-Life 2 and XIMPEL.


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