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course(s) -- we create identity

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CA1: we create identity


  date: 25/2/08;  author: A. Eliëns;  version: 1.0 (discussion)

course name

CA1: we create identity

study load

3 ects



contents -- (CA1) we create identity

The goal of the course, which will take the structure of a group project, is to set a new group of students to work, to learn about the topics of creative technology, to get to know eachother and the staff, and find ways of expressing there interests and viewpoints.


Equally important is that students discover the means that are at their disposal to communicate and document their work, using basic tools for web development and content creation.


admission to curriculum

goals and attainment targets

Although at an introductory level, a wide variety of skills, both technical and communication skills need to be developed in a short time, in a playful manner.

CA1 target(s)

In close cooperation with the staff, students will be invited to explore the topics of creative technology, and present their view in a creative way, using whatever means suit that purpose best, including blogs, wiki(s) and interctive video.

place in curriculum

Introductory course for all students, just after arrival.

application area, motivating examples

There are various way to create identity, form social networks and communicate personal and professional information using the web, examples of which are collected in the online material(s) listed below:

we create identity -- media in context

Students are encouraged to explore these means of expression, and select those that fit their needs, in discussiong with supervising staff.

As an example, to emphasize the use of adequate media, students may take parts of the lecture by Mitchel Resnick, on aspects of a Creative Society, available as online video [1], and mix part of this material with own video material, to create an interactive video, reflecting (on) the topics treated in the lecture(s) in creative technology.

teaching methods

Apart from a number of topical lectures by senior staff members, this first CA course will primarily be an exercise in self-organisation, with an important goal to create coherence in a group of new students, with a variety of backgrounds.

course structure

  1. introduction of tool(s) and platform(s)
  2. topics in creative technology (1)
  3. teamwork -- identity as a group
  4. topics in creative technology (2)
  5. identity -- individual portfolio(s)
  6. topics in creative technology (3)
  7. presentation(s) -- individual & group work
  8. evaluation -- reflection(s) on we create identity
Additional instruction may be needed to clarify issues of communication and presentation, and to prepare students for the creation of an individual (digital) portfolio, which will be used for later courses and assignments.

It might also be useful to let students develop a wikipedia, similar to AV WIKI, providing information on the various topics of creative technology.

nr of participants


special facilities

computer lab, meeting room(s) & presentation facilities
Installation of flex 3 SDK, and CMS, such as wordpress. Tools and editors, eg. netbeans, photoshop, illustrator, flash CS9. In addition, digital (video) camera(s) & sound recording device(s).


  1. Mitchel Resnick, Sowing the Seeds for a more Creative Society -- online video
  2. Facets of Fun -- On the Design of Computer Augmented Entertainment Artefacts, available in online version
  3. Kress G. and van Leeuwen T. (1996), Reading Images: The Grammar of Visual Design, Routledge
  4. Geert Lovink and Ned Rossiter (eds), MyCreativity Reader, A Critique of Creative Industries, Institute of Network Cultures, Amsterdam 2007
  5. A. Eliëns, topical media & game development --

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