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fragment(s) -- project WOW

In this fragment a clarification is given of the possible contribution(s) of Creative Technology (Universiteit Twente) and multimedia @ VU (VU University Amsterdam) to the WOW project. Note, however, that at this stage no final commitments can be made wrt. our cooperation and contribution(s).


As overall goals we envisage, from our perspective of interest, three targets, namely to develop:

wow target(s)

  1. tools for co-creative activities
  2. technology for collaborative games
  3. playfull co-creative applications/games
A simple example of a co-creative tool is a shared whiteboard. Other examples are tools for collaborative storytelling, solving puzzles, etcetera.


At multimedia @ VU, we have developed XIMPEL (, a flex/as3 based framework which supports interactive video in combination with mini-games, (google) maps, integrated in an easy-to-author way, (Eliëns et al. 2008). Currently, we are developing a visual editor to create XIMPEL applications. One direction of our research for WOW would be to extend both the editor and the XIMPEL framework to enable the collaborative/co-creative construction of (collaborative) applications/games.


With Getronics PinkRoccade, another partner of the WOW project, we have studied collaborative games for project management, which has among other resulted in a collaborative puzzle game, where participants have to complete a jigsaw puzzle of a running video, increasing in complexity according to their level. The application was implemented in flex/as3 and used a flash-compatible game-server, adapted to our needs.

With Digifit (, a small startup that is part of the MediaGuild Incubator in Amtserdam, we are currently studying game server technologies to support the virtuagym, where people can do fitness together using the WiiFit. In particular, technical issues of latency, bandwidth and deployment, but also conceptual with regard to what information must be shared and what events propagated are of crucial importance.


Our research interest(s) encompass the following area(s):

research interest(s)

  1. collaborative game technologies, both server and client side
  2. tools for co-creativity, from drawing to storyboards
  3. co-creative applications, see deplotment context below
Both 1 and 2 are of immediate interest for (parties within) the creative industry, as for example Digifit.

Another theme we pursue at Creative Technology Twente and multimedia @ VU, is a reflective capability in (collaborative) games, from the consideration that, although playing is fun, some reflection and feedback is necessary to fully benefit from the learning potential of (serious) games and collaboration, (Eliëns & Ruttkay, 2008).

deployment context(s)

Currently, many cities are in the process of becoming a creative city, among which Amsterdam and more recently Amsersfoort ( Such a process require the participation of people with a great variety of intellectual and mental background and attitude(s). As a target domain for the WOW-tool, we propose information sharing and co-creative planning and design for urban renovation, that is becoming a creative city.

In the Twente region, this process is still ij its initial phase(s), and our proposal (and contribution 3) would be to let Creative Technology students develop tools and applications, including games, to support and stimulate the growth of a regional creative centre in Twente.


Eliëns A., Huurdeman H., van de Watering M., Bhikharie S.V., XIMPEL Interactive Video -- between narrative(s) and game play, Submitted to GAME-ON 08, Nov 17-19, Valencia, Spain
Eliëns A. & Ruttkay Z., Record, Replay & Reflect -- a framework for understanding (serious) game play, in preparation



  • invite Digifit to be a partner, if possible without investment

A. Eliëns, 6/11/08

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