ARchitect Tools Getting Started

Well done! You’ve successfully downloaded the ARchitect Tools and are almost ready to become an ARchitect.

What do you need for ARchitect?

  1. A solid editor or IDE
  2. A webserver or alternatively access to a web-based file hosting service (e.g. Dropbox)
  3. A phone from the supported devices list

What’s in the ARchitect Tools?

ARchitect Tools are filled with information and specifications which will help you on your way to creating  your very own AR experience.

  1. ARchitect Library: The actual JavaScript library containing ARchitect functionality. The Library is built into the ARchitect Mobile Viewer and Wikitude World Browser 6.5 or higher (Android and iOS).
  2. ARchitect Mobile Viewer:  A downloadable mobile app for Android, which can execute ARchitect Worlds. Perfect for testing!
  3. AMV Usage Guide: A quick guide how to install and use the ARchitect Mobile Viewer
  4. ARchitect Library Reference: A set of documents explaining the Library on code level, including APIs, classes in the style of JavaDocs and similar code documentation tools.
  5. ARchitect Desktop Environment: A simulator to execute ARchitect Worlds in a desktop browser. It provides you with basic analytics and interaction capabilities for the developer.  

How to install the ARchitect Mobile Viewer

The ARchitect Mobile Viewer (AMV) can be installed using  two different methods

  1. Over the air (OTA)
  2. Sideloading

We’re going to explain OTA installation only as is the easier and faster to accomplish.

There are three steps to get ARchitect Mobiler Viewer running on your Android device. If you are already experienced in installing APKs outside of Android Market you can download the APK directly from here.

Step 1: Configure your Android device

Most Android devices won't let you install applications outside Android market. However you can easily allow other install sources than Android market in your Settings.

  1. Open the Settings menu
  2. Look for Applications and open this menu
  3. Enable Unknown sources and confirm the security message


Step 2: Download the file

Open the browser on your phone and open the following URL  or short

The download (1.6 MB) should start automatically.

Step 3: Install AMV

After successful download, open the file and AMV will install automatically. Now you will find AMV in your applications menu. Launch it and give it a try.


Well done! You now have the ARchitect Mobile Viewer installed. To find our more, check out our AMV Usage Guide for more information.

Dropbox as testing server

An easy way to put files on a testing server is using a web based file hosting service (e.g. Dropbox).  Dropbox offers a public folder beside your private files and folders. Pushing files into the public folder will generate a public URL (e.g. This URL is then reachable from every browser. Use this service to easily test your ARchitect files in the ARchitect Mobile Viewer.

List of Supported Devices


  1. Android 2.2 or higher
  2. support for OpenGL ES 2.0


  1. iOS 4.0 or higher

We tested ARchitect successfully on the following devices:

  1. Apple iPhone 3GS
  2. Apple iPhone 4
  3. Apple iPhone 4S
  4. Apple iPad 2
  5. Google Nexus
  6. Google Nexus S
  7. Google Galaxy Nexus
  8. HTC Desire
  9. HTC Desire HD
  10. Motorola Xoom
  11. Samsung Galaxy Ace
  12. Samsung Galaxy Mini
  13. Samsung Galaxy Tab (7", 10.1")
  14. Samsung Galaxy S (*)
  15. Samsung Galaxy S II

(*) Some of the listed devices are shipped with Android 2.1 per default. They need to be upgraded to Android 2.2+ to work with ARchitect.

The following devices were tested, but won't work with ARchitect

  1. HTC Wildfire (No OpenGL 2.0)
  2. Sony Ericsson X10, X10 mini, X8 mit Android 2.3.3 (camera problems after manual update)